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Business Bulletin No. 150/2004

Monday 25 October 2004

Section I : Petitions lodged on Monday 18 October 2004


The following Petitions were lodged with the Parliament on 18 October 2004—

PE779 Petition by Ivan Clark, on behalf of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, calling for the Scottish Parliament to take all possible measures to ensure that the JNF Charitable Trust, and similar organisations, will not continue to benefit from charitable status in Scotland.

PE780 Petition by Bruce Tennant calling for the Scottish Parliament to debate the need for immediate restructuring of the Scottish Football Team’s management regime.

PE781 Petition by John Stewart Heselden calling for the Scottish Parliament to commemorate the 700th anniversary of Sir William Wallace’s death on 23 August 2005; to mark the date an annual event in the Scottish calendar thereafter; to acknowledge on public record that William Wallace was not guilty of the charge of treason laid before him, and to make representations to the UK Parliament for a declaration of his innocence and that he be exonerated of this charge.