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Business Bulletin No. 99 / 2004

Thursday 10th June 2004

Section I : Petitions lodged on Wednesday 9th June 2004


The following Petitions were lodged with the Parliament on 9 June 2004-

PE749 Petition by Geoffrey Kolbe, on behalf of Newcastleton and District Community Council, calling for the Scottish Parliament to seek a moratorium on the spreading of sewage sludge, pending a full inquiry into its safety by a parliamentary committee and, depending on the outcome of that inquiry, as a minimum, to initiate legislation at the earliest opportunity to discontinue the current exemptions for spreading sewage sludge and to ensure that it is subject to planning control, including a public local enquiry.

PE750 Petition by Paul McKenzie calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to introduce a number of measures to address anti-social behaviour, including establishing a separate police force to deal solely with the issues; forming a support group for victims, and introducing mandatory Neighbourhood Watch Schemes.

PE751 Petition by Ronald Mason calling for the Scottish Parliament to initiate an inquiry into the procedures and practices of the Scottish Legal Aid Board and to amend rules governing eligibility for legal aid to include an automatic right for the disabled.