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Business Bulletin No. 97 / 2004

Tuesday 8th June 2004

Section F : Motions and Amendments


A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site as Current Motions. The full text of all motions lodged the previous week will appear in the Business Bulletin the following Monday.


Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members' business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#)

*S2M-1424# Mark Ballard: Full Freedom for Mordechai Vanunu-That the Parliament notes Mordechai Vanunu's interview with the BBC broadcast on BBC2 on Sunday 30 May 2004 in which he revealed that it was his intention to save Israel from a nuclear holocaust by blowing the whistle on the country's nuclear programme; recognises that Mr Vanunu's decision to inform the world of Israel's nuclear weapons programme was an act of bravery providing much needed transparency to the international community; condemns Israel's lengthy imprisonment of Mr Vanunu and the harsh restrictions imposed on him after his release, including restrictions against his right to travel and his right to speak to foreign nationals; supports Mr Vanunu's petition to the Israeli High Court of Justice on Thursday 3 June 2004 appealing against the restrictions imposed after his release, and believes that all weapons of mass destruction are an obstacle to peace and that there should be moves to decommission them.

Supported by: Eleanor Scott*, Robin Harper*

*S2M-1423 Lord James Douglas-Hamilton: Death of Ronald Reagan-That the Parliament notes with great sadness the death of former American President, Ronald Reagan; recognises his enormous contribution to achieving a free world and to the end of the Cold War and acknowledges his pivotal role in driving back the frontiers of communism and in creating free and democratic countries in Eastern Europe, many of which have joined the European Union, as well as his inspiring leadership, and extends its deep sympathies to the Reagan family and the American people.

Supported by: David McLetchie*

*S2M-1422 Rosie Kane: Withdrawal of British Troops from Iraq-That the Parliament believes all British troops should be withdrawn from Iraq as soon as practically possible; believes the decision to invade Iraq was based on lies, deceit and distortion and that George W Bush and Tony Blair are guilty of wilful deception in relation to weapons of mass destruction, Iraqi links to Al-Qa'ida and Iraq posing an imminent "45-minute" danger to British interests; believes that the invasion of Iraq was illegal under international law and the continued presence of coalition troops represents an illegal occupation of a sovereign country; believes that the United Nations was wrong to support the bombing of Afghanistan and that its regrettable inability to prevent the invasion of Iraq exposes its inherent weakness in relation to US domination of our world by legal or illegal means; supports world aid agency efforts to help rebuild Iraq's infrastructure free from a US-imposed constitution of privatisation and to divert resources to the Red Cross, Red Crescent and Médicins Sans Frontières, and reiterates its belief that peace across the Middle East will only be possible when Israel withdraws from its illegal occupation of Palestinian territories and a viable Palestinian state is allowed to exist.

*S2M-1421 Mr Brian Monteith: Bank of Scotland's Children's International Theatre Festival-That the Parliament recognises the sterling work of those involved with the Children's International Theatre Festival; notes that more than 10,000 children will attend the 78 performances in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Shetland, and congratulates the Bank of Scotland for its support of an event that is aimed at encouraging new generations to experience live performance.

S2M-1420 Gardening Scotland 2004 - 4 to 6 June (lodged on 4 June 2004) Mr Stewart Maxwell*

S2M-1418 Tolled Bridges (lodged on 4 June 2004) Mr Stewart Maxwell*, Rob Gibson*

*S2M-1418.1 John Farquhar Munro: Tolled Bridges-As an amendment to motion (S2M-1418) in the name of Trish Godman, leave out from "and seeks" to end and insert "; welcomes the announcement; recognises that the Skye Bridge is unique among toll bridges in Scotland, both because of the high level of tolls and because drivers have no other toll-free alternative road, and urges the Scottish Executive to ignore attempts to delay the lifting of the Skye Bridge tolls by central belt interests raising the issue of other Scottish toll bridges."

The member has provided the following Gaelic translation:

Iain Fearchar Rothach: Mar atharrachadh air gluasad (S2M-1418) ann an ainm Trish Godman (Drochaidean-cìse), fàg às bho "and seeks" gus an deireadh agus cuir a-steach; "gu bheil i a' cur fàilte air an naidheachd seo; gu bheil i ag aithneachadh gu bheil Drochaid an Eilein Sgitheanaich eadar-dhealaichte bho dhrochaidean-cìse eile na h-Alba, an dà chuid air tàilleabh àrd-ìre nan cìsean agus a chionn is nach eil rathad gun chìsean ann as urrainn do dhràibhearean a chleachdadh na h-àite; agus gu bheil i ag iarraidh air Riaghaltas na h-Alba cluas bhodhar a thoirt do na h-oidhirpean le buidhnean air a' Mhachair Ghallda gus dàil a chur air an oidhirp gus cìsean Drochaid an Eilein Sgitheanaich a chur an darna taobh, le bhith a' togail cùis nan drochaidean-cìse eile ann an Alba."

S2M-1416# International Refugee Week (lodged on 4 June 2004) Mr Stewart Maxwell*

S2M-1415 Belmont Academy Parliament Success (lodged on 3 June 2004) Carolyn Leckie*, Frances Curran*, Mr Stewart Maxwell*

S2M-1414 Mr Stewart Maxwell: Seducing our Children to Smoke-That the Parliament abhors any attempt by tobacco manufacturers to try to seduce people, particularly youngsters, into continuing, or starting, to smoke cigarettes *by attempting to add chocolate, vanilla and alcohol flavouring to cigarettes*; recognises that in Scotland approximately *19,000* people die each year through tobacco-related illnesses and registers its contempt for British American Tobacco's latest attempt to replace these deceased smokers by new and younger ones; agrees that any attempt to make smoking more attractive should be repelled, and urges members to support any legislation that encourages the people of Scotland to give up smoking and helps persuade non-smokers not to start.

S2M-1413# Assault on Lanarkshire NHS (lodged on 3 June 2004) Colin Fox*, Frances Curran*, Ms Rosemary Byrne*

S2M-1412 Scottish First Division Champions (lodged on 3 June 2004) Mr Stewart Maxwell*, Mr Jamie McGrigor*

S2M-1411 Borders Voluntary Community Care Forum (lodged on 3 June 2004) Mr Adam Ingram*

S2M-1410# Increasing Gender Pay Gap (lodged on 3 June 2004) Mr Stewart Maxwell*

S2M-1409# Congratulations to Food Train, Dumfries and Galloway - Queen's Award for Voluntary Service 2004 (lodged on 3 June 2004) Margaret Jamieson*, Helen Eadie*, Mr Stewart Maxwell*, Robin Harper*, Mr Jamie Stone*, Christine May*, Mark Ballard*, Frances Curran*, Ms Rosemary Byrne*

S2M-1408 Kirkcudbright Academy Junior Debating Champions (lodged on 3 June 2004) Mr Stewart Maxwell*

S2M-1405 Norway's Ban on Smoking in Public Places (lodged on 2 June 2004) Shiona Baird*

S2M-1404 Scottish Football Supporters Against the Scottish Premier League (lodged on 2 June 2004) Robin Harper*

S2M-1397 Gulf War Syndrome (lodged on 1 June 2004) Colin Fox*

S2M-1396 Mordechai Vanunu and Israel's Secret Nuclear Weapons Programme (lodged on 1 June 2004) Colin Fox*

S2M-1394 SPL Rejection of Inverness Caledonian Thistle (lodged on 1 June 2004) Robin Harper*, Frances Curran*

S2M-1393 Bank of Scotland Midnightleague (lodged on 1 June 2004) Robin Harper*, Frances Curran*

S2M-1392 Inverness Caledonian Thistle Football Club (lodged on 1 June 2004) Mr Stewart Maxwell*

S2M-1377 Congratulations on Winning National Debating Competition (lodged on 1 June 2004) Linda Fabiani*, Mr Stewart Maxwell*, Robin Harper*, Mr Jamie Stone*, Eleanor Scott*, Patrick Harvie*, Christine Grahame*, Shiona Baird*, Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Dr Elaine Murray*

S2M-1371# Launch of Osteoporosis Mobile Scanner in Coatbridge (lodged on 27 May 2004) Margaret Mitchell*

S2M-1356 Statutory Regulation of Acupuncture (lodged on 24 May 2004) Christine Grahame*

S2M-1302# The Turning of the Tide Against Nazism (lodged on 12 May 2004) Mark Ballard*, Rhona Brankin*, Elaine Smith*

S2M-1300# Zero Tolerance to Fire Deaths (lodged on 12 May 2004) Chris Ballance*

S2M-1289 Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital - Centre for Integrative Care (lodged on 7 May 2004) Mr Stewart Maxwell*

S2M-1154 Kenny Richey, a Scot on Death Row (lodged on 5 April 2004) Nicola Sturgeon*