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Business Bulletin No. 47/2004

Monday 15 March 2004

Section F : Motions and Amendments


A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site as Current Motions. The full text of all motions lodged the previous week will appear in the Business Bulletin the following Monday.


Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members' business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#)

*S2M-1044 Mr Brian Monteith: Degas Exhibition-That the Parliament recognises the success of the recent "Degas and the Italians in Paris" exhibition at the National Galleries of Scotland which attracted upwards of 50,000 visitors; commends the National Galleries and the Bank of Scotland, whose generous funding made the exhibition, only the second to be held in the newly-refurbished Royal Scottish Academy building, possible, and looks forward to the completion of the Playfair development which is due to open in August, having succeeded in receiving extensive support from businesses in Scotland.

*S2M-1043 Alasdair Morgan on behalf of the Enterprise and Culture Committee: Scottish Solutions Inquiry-That the Parliament notes the 3rd Report 2003 (Session 2) of the Enterprise and Culture Committee, Report on Scottish Solutions Inquiry (SP Paper 67), on the potential impact of the introduction of variable tuition fees in England and recognises the importance of a healthy higher education sector to Scotland's economic development.

*S2M-1042 Patrick Harvie: Wedding Invite - Sir Elton John-That the Parliament applauds the decision by Clackmannanshire Council to invite Sir Elton John and David Furnish to tie the knot in a commitment service this summer and believes that, in addition to an endorsement of equality for the people of Clackmannanshire, there is significant tourism potential for the area, perhaps equal to that enjoyed by Gretna Green, in the provision of commitment services for the many couples who have been denied a formal celebration of their relationships and would love to do so in the beautiful settings, such as Alloa Tower, which Clackmannanshire offers.

*S2M-1041# Helen Eadie: Tribute to the Women of Mining Communities-That the Parliament commemorates the struggle throughout the ages of all mining communities across the world and, in particular, pays tribute during International Women's Week to the women who have supported their menfolk in times of great adversity and congratulates the women of our country who remained steadfast during the mining strike of 1984, whose suffering and strife has been highlighted in the media during this past week in programmes that remind us of the darkest years of the Conservative Government and the brutal decimation of the coal mining industry by Ian MacGregor and Margaret Thatcher.

S2M-1040 Robin Harper: Green Prime Minister-That the Parliament congratulates Indulis Emsis of the Latvian Green Party on his appointment as Prime Minister of Latvia; notes that Latvia is due to join the European Union on 1 May; recognises that Indulis Emsis is the first Green Prime Minister in world government and that his appointment reflects the growing influence of Green politics across the world, and wishes him well in his term of government.

S2M-1039 Peter Peacock: Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Bill-That the Parliament agrees that the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Bill be passed.

Supported by: Euan Robson

S2M-1038 Malcolm Chisholm: The Draft Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Act 2004 (Modification of Enactments) Order 2004-That the Health Committee recommends that the Draft Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Act 2004 (Modification of Enactments) Order 2004 be approved.

Supported by: Mr Tom McCabe

S2M-1037 Chris Ballance: Retention of Recommended Retail Price-That the Parliament supports the campaign by the Writers' Guild of Great Britain, the Society of Authors, J K Rowling and other writers to maintain the recommended retail price (RRP) on books; recognises the importance of the cultural industries to Scotland and the fact that discounting prices on books means that writers receive less income and therefore will find it harder to survive, and therefore calls on the Scottish Publishers Association to require all its members to retain the RRP. R

Supported by: Eleanor Scott, Patrick Harvie, Christine Grahame*

S2M-1036 Ms Sandra White: Adoption of Fair Trade Policy by the Salvation Army-That the Parliament notes the intention of the Salvation Army to mark the 10th anniversary of the Fair Trade movement by working towards a Fair Trade policy covering all its centres; further notes that this Christian organisation serves a cup of tea or coffee every 30 seconds and is the largest provider of care, second only to the government, and congratulates the Salvation Army for providing a positive example which is consistent with its Christian outlook and encourages other organisations to follow its lead.

Supported by: Michael Matheson, Christine Grahame*

S2M-1035 Robin Harper: Proposed Closure of Midlothian Primary Schools-That the Parliament expresses concern at the proposed closure of five Midlothian primary schools and requests that the statutory consultation period of 28 days be extended to enable local communities to fully explore and comment on the proposals. R

Supported by: Ms Sandra White, Carolyn Leckie, Mark Ballard, Eleanor Scott, Colin Fox, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Chris Ballance, Tommy Sheridan, Mr Mark Ruskell, Christine Grahame*, Frances Curran*, Margo MacDonald*

S2M-1034 Margo MacDonald: Holyrood Inquiry-That the Parliament agrees to hold a debate on the Holyrood Inquiry and, in relation to this debate, agrees that under section 23 of the Scotland Act, 1998, the producers and commissioning body for the planned BBC Scotland programme "The Gathering Place" should be required to produce the videotaped recordings of interviews conducted for possible inclusion in the programme.

Supported by: Donald Gorrie, Dennis Canavan, Ms Sandra White, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Tommy Sheridan, Alex Neil, Eleanor Scott, Dr Jean Turner, Mike Pringle*, Christine Grahame*, Robin Harper*

S2M-1032 Mark Ballard: Edinburgh University - A Fair Trade University-That the Parliament congratulates Edinburgh University on becoming a Fair Trade university; strongly supports the university's Fair Trade policy; notes that the Fair Trade coffee brand, Cafédirect, is now the fourth largest roast and ground coffee brand in the UK, and believes that Fair Trade is the way forward for giving farmers in the third world a better deal.

Supported by: Carolyn Leckie, Frances Curran, Sarah Boyack, Mr Jamie Stone, Christine May, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Dr Elaine Murray, Ms Sandra White, Marlyn Glen, Eleanor Scott, Shiona Baird, Alex Neil, Chris Ballance, Elaine Smith, Mr Mark Ruskell, Tommy Sheridan, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Scott Barrie, Nora Radcliffe, Kate Maclean, Mike Pringle*, Christine Grahame*, Margo MacDonald*, Robin Harper*

S2M-1030 Chris Ballance: Voluntary GM Ban-That the Parliament considers that the proposal for a voluntary GM ban across East Lothian and the Borders is unworkable and condemns the decision to proceed with GM maize crops as showing a breathtaking disdain for the public, the Parliament, and science.

Supported by: Eleanor Scott, Roseanna Cunningham, Mark Ballard, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Shiona Baird, Ms Sandra White, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Mr Mark Ruskell, Patrick Harvie*, Christine Grahame*, Frances Curran*, Rob Gibson*

S2M-1029 Bruce Crawford: Remember Dunblane - Conservative's Insensitive Remarks-That the Parliament believes that, with the devastating outcome of the Dunblane tragedy still etched on the minds of the Scottish public, the comments in relation to the slackening of the handgun regulations attributed to Patrick Mercer MP, Conservative spokesman on homeland security, are entirely inappropriate and offensive, and further believes, following Mr Mercer's comments, that David McLetchie MSP, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, should unreservedly condemn these insensitive comments and should ensure that Mr Mercer is removed from his Tory spokesman responsibility by Michael Howard MP, leader of the opposition party at Westminster, with immediate effect.

Supported by: Jim Mather, Richard Lochhead, Rob Gibson, Kate Maclean, Ms Sandra White, Mr Adam Ingram, Tricia Marwick, Roseanna Cunningham, Fergus Ewing, Alex Neil, Brian Adam, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Michael Matheson, Christine Grahame, Fiona Hyslop, Tommy Sheridan, Robin Harper*

S2M-1028 Chris Ballance: Protection of Aucheninnes Moss-That the Parliament recognises that Aucheninnes Moss in Dumfries and Galloway is one of the few examples of active raised bog habitat that survives in the lowlands and as such has significant conservation value at local, regional and even international level; is concerned about the decision to destroy the habitat at Aucheninnes Moss and replace it with a landfill site; is further concerned that this action threatens the extinction of two species of insect in Scotland, the bog bush-cricket (Metrioptera brachyptera) and the Sorrel pygmy moth (Enteucha acetosae) and that it will also destroy a population of the endangered large heath butterfly (Coenonympha tullia) and a foraging area for vulnerable nightjars (Caprimulgus europaeus); welcomes the report by Buglife, The Invertebrate Conservation Trust, showing that Aucheninnes Moss fits the EU Habitats Directive category of an "active raised bog" habitat and also the category "degraded raised bog capable of regeneration", and, therefore, calls on the Scottish Executive to request that Scottish Natural Heritage afford Aucheninnes Moss protection by designating it a Special Area of Conservation.

Supported by: Carolyn Leckie, Frances Curran, Alex Fergusson, Shiona Baird, Eleanor Scott, Mark Ballard, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Dr Elaine Murray, Mr Mark Ruskell, Patrick Harvie*, Dr Jean Turner*, Robin Harper*, David Mundell*

S2M-1024 John Swinburne: WRVS "Make It Count"-That the Parliament congratulates the WRVS on the valuable work of its thousands of volunteers during its 65-year operation; welcomes its rebranding aimed at promoting the value and importance of volunteering in today's changing society with the consequences of an ageing population and the breakdown in family networks, and is further encouraged by its efforts to demonstrate that volunteering counts in order to serve the various needs of vulnerable members of society, particularly the needs of senior citizens who are experiencing social isolation, enabling them to maintain a dignified and independent way of life in their own homes and communities.

Supported by: Richard Lochhead*, Fergus Ewing*, Robert Brown*, Phil Gallie*, Mrs Margaret Ewing*, Christine Grahame*, Robin Harper*, Rob Gibson*, Mark Ballard*, Alex Neil*, Mr David Davidson*, Brian Adam*, Mr Kenny MacAskill*

S2M-1022# Bill Butler: International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination-That the Parliament notes the United Nations' International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which is annually observed on 21 March; recognises the valuable contribution made to our society by people from different nations, cultures and religions from around the world who come to live, work and study in Scotland; wholeheartedly condemns racist attitudes, actions and racially-inspired violence, particularly attacks on vulnerable members of society such as asylum seekers and refugees, and believes that the Scottish Executive should help eradicate racism and promote a culture of tolerance and equality where diversity is embraced.

Supported by: Cathy Peattie, Marlyn Glen, Christine May, Sarah Boyack, Pauline McNeill, Scott Barrie, Ms Wendy Alexander, Elaine Smith, Eleanor Scott, Michael Matheson, Helen Eadie, Jackie Baillie, Christine Grahame, Brian Adam, Mr Alasdair Morrison, Murray Tosh, Rob Gibson, Johann Lamont, Nora Radcliffe, Mike Pringle, Karen Whitefield, Rosie Kane, Stewart Stevenson, Dr Elaine Murray, Ms Sandra White, Trish Godman, Kate Maclean, Margaret Jamieson, Shiona Baird, Mr Jamie Stone, Robert Brown, Mike Watson, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Karen Gillon, Marilyn Livingstone, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Michael McMahon, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Tommy Sheridan, Dennis Canavan, Dr Jean Turner, Cathie Craigie, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Robin Harper*

S2M-1019 Dr Jean Turner: Save Stobhill Campaign-That the Parliament congratulates the Save Stobhill Campaign on its organisation of a successful Scottish Forum in Glasgow on Saturday 6 March 2004 and supports its objectives of protecting NHS services and thus sustaining communities throughout Scotland.

Supported by: Murray Tosh, John Swinburne, Ms Sandra White, Fergus Ewing, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Michael Matheson, Elaine Smith, Tommy Sheridan, Dennis Canavan, Mr Bruce McFee, Christine Grahame*, Robin Harper*

S2M-1018 Dr Jean Turner: Stobhill Hospital-That the Parliament congratulates the staff of Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow, on working through the stress of constant change and impending closures, especially those of its casualty department; notes that 47,000 casualties have been dealt with in the past year; appreciates the difficulty of maintaining staff morale in such circumstances, and applauds their professionalism and fortitude in providing the best patient care under extremely difficult circumstances.

Supported by: Ms Sandra White, Murray Tosh, John Swinburne, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Fergus Ewing, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Michael Matheson, Carolyn Leckie, Elaine Smith, Tommy Sheridan, Dennis Canavan, Mr Bruce McFee, Christine Grahame*, Robin Harper*

S2M-1017 Dr Jean Turner: Campsie Memorial Hall Closure-That the Parliament condemns the proposed closure and possible demolition of the Campsie Memorial Hall in Milton of Campsie; recognises that the closure of this hall will represent a significant loss to members of the community, both young and old; acknowledges that its variety of use extends from sports to baby clinics, and deplores the destruction of a building dedicated to the war dead.

Supported by: Mr John Swinney, Carolyn Leckie, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Des McNulty, Ms Sandra White, Rosie Kane, Frances Curran, Tommy Sheridan, Dennis Canavan

S2M-1016 Dr Jean Turner: Non-Gender-Specific Rape as a Crime in Scotland-That the Parliament recognises that non-gender-specific rape is currently not a crime in Scotland; supports the stance of the Scottish Youth Parliament on this issue, and supports a change in legislation to include non-gender-specific rape as a crime.

Supported by: Elaine Smith, Carolyn Leckie, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Frances Curran, Michael Matheson, Tommy Sheridan, Dennis Canavan, Eleanor Scott*

S2M-1015# Pauline McNeill: Support Service for Victims of Trafficking-That the Parliament utterly condemns the international organised criminal gangs involved in the trafficking of women for sexual exploitation; opposes the deception of women from poor backgrounds into believing that they are coming to the UK for legitimate work and their coercion; is extremely concerned at the increasing numbers of trafficked women held as sex slaves in flats, saunas and massage parlours in towns and cities throughout Scotland; recognises the plight of trafficking victims who are often beaten, bound, blackmailed and forced into prostitution, are given no money and have their passports taken by the traffickers; notes with concern that women fleeing from traffickers fear death threats, violence and repercussions to both themselves and their families back home; further notes that in a raid on a Glasgow sauna in 2002 nine foreign women were believed to be working as sex slaves and that another Glasgow sauna advertised on the internet that all its women were bonded; considers that the immigration system must recognise the specific experience of trafficked women, who when returned as illegal immigrants are often met at the destination airport by traffickers to return to the same miserable trafficked life, and therefore welcomes the Scottish Executive International Women's Day announcement of £100,000 to Glasgow City Council for a pilot support service for victims of trafficking that will assess the needs of trafficked women, provide support services and collate information on trafficking.

Supported by: Bill Butler, Mike Watson, Sarah Boyack, Richard Lochhead, Christine May, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Bristow Muldoon, Stewart Stevenson, Scott Barrie, Mr Jamie Stone, Karen Gillon, Marilyn Livingstone, Marlyn Glen, Helen Eadie, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Jackie Baillie, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Michael McMahon, Elaine Smith, Tommy Sheridan, Dennis Canavan, Dr Jean Turner, Murray Tosh, Cathy Peattie*, Christine Grahame*, Robin Harper*

S2M-1014 Dr Jean Turner: Trolley Waits-That the Parliament deplores the increased trolley waits in certain Glasgow hospitals which resulted in a significant number of patients sleeping overnight on trolleys in Accident and Emergency units; further deplores the fact that severity of pressure on certain hospitals has resulted in them being regularly forced to divert GP referrals and 999 ambulances to other hospitals; considers that this places NHS trusts in an impossible position, and further considers that the failure of the Scottish Executive to engage with trusts to adequately resource acute receiving facilities will result in further deterioration in standards of patient care, clinical safety and staff morale.

Supported by: Eleanor Scott, Rob Gibson, Mr John Swinney, Patrick Harvie, Carolyn Leckie, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Ms Sandra White, Murray Tosh, Christine Grahame, Frances Curran, Mr David Davidson, Bill Aitken, Michael Matheson, Tommy Sheridan, Dennis Canavan

S2M-1013 Pauline McNeill: Threat to Call Centre Jobs in Scotland-That the Parliament notes the proposed closure of the long-established British Airways Glasgow call centre announced on 17 February 2004, which puts 400 Contact BA jobs under threat; believes that this is only the latest in a string of threatened closures affecting Scotland's 56,000 call centre jobs; expresses grave concern over the outflow of both jobs and investment from Scotland, as identified in the Scottish Economic Policy Network report, Call Centres in Scotland and Outsourced Competition from India, and welcomes the commissioning of an analysis by Scottish Enterprise of threats to the call centre industry sector.

Supported by: Mike Watson, Sarah Boyack, Mr Duncan McNeil, Bristow Muldoon, Roseanna Cunningham, Karen Gillon, Ms Sandra White, Ms Wendy Alexander, Robert Brown, Marilyn Livingstone, Paul Martin, Jackie Baillie, Helen Eadie, Marlyn Glen, Tommy Sheridan, Alex Neil, Elaine Smith, Scott Barrie, Nora Radcliffe, Dennis Canavan, Dr Jean Turner, Kate Maclean, Cathy Peattie*

S2M-1012 Donald Gorrie: Proposal for a New Crematorium at Sydes Braes, High Blantyre-That the Parliament regrets the planning application made to South Lanarkshire Council in respect of the building of a crematorium at the Sydes Brae site in High Blantyre; believes that such building in that locality is unnecessary as existing crematoria in the area are operating below capacity and that construction will result in the destruction of much-valued public space in an area where there are few such features, and calls on South Lanarkshire Council to reject the application.

S2M-1011# Mark Ballard: Enhancing Communities through Opposing Discrimination-That the Parliament notes the negative effects of segregated housing in preventing community unity and in diminishing the quality of life for everyone concerned and believes that the Scottish Executive should oppose all measures aimed at segregating housing in Scotland according to race, social status or occupation; expresses its concern that such measures might, whilst not being explicitly discriminatory, have discriminatory outcomes, excluding groups according to race, social status or occupation, and further believes that the Executive should promote all measures to enhance liveability and beneficial interaction throughout Scotland's communities.

Supported by: Chris Ballance, Eleanor Scott, Dr Jean Turner, Shiona Baird, Patrick Harvie, Carolyn Leckie, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Tommy Sheridan, Frances Curran*

S2M-1010# Murdo Fraser: Management of Wild Deer-That the Parliament acknowledges the excellent work carried out by the Association of Deer Management Groups and their members throughout Scotland in managing our wild herds; further acknowledges the importance of the wild game industry to Scotland in providing jobs and income for rural communities; appreciates the significant expense involved in funding essential management plans and habitat assessments to ensure the best possible management of deer herds, and believes that the Scottish Executive should consider positively a request for funding for such management of £1 million over three years.

Supported by: Murray Tosh, Mrs Nanette Milne, Mr David Davidson, Alex Fergusson, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Mary Scanlon, Mr Jamie Stone, Dr Jean Turner, Mr Brian Monteith

S2M-1009 Brian Adam: National Science Week 12 to 21 March 2004-That the Parliament notes that National Science Week takes place between 12 and 21 March 2004; notes that the aims of National Science Week are to celebrate science and its importance to our lives; welcomes the opportunity it gives people from across Scotland to participate in science activities and experiments and to engage in science discussions; congratulates the British Association for the Advancement of Science (BA) for co-ordinating National Science Week which last year attracted hundreds of thousands of people across the UK, and encourages its members to visit the BA website and join in activities in their constituency or region.

Supported by: Fiona Hyslop, Rob Gibson, Murdo Fraser, Mr David Davidson, Mike Pringle, Mr Adam Ingram, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Nora Radcliffe, Fergus Ewing, Mrs Nanette Milne, Mr John Swinney, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Robert Brown, Christine Grahame, Bill Butler, Ms Sandra White, Stewart Stevenson, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Dr Elaine Murray, David Mundell, Richard Lochhead, Mr Jamie Stone, Roseanna Cunningham, Scott Barrie, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Dr Jean Turner

S2M-1008# Murdo Fraser: Autistic Spectrum Disorders - Good Practice Guidance-That the Parliament recognises the importance of making improvements in the understanding of autistic spectrum disorders and in the provision that is made for children and adults with the condition and their families; welcomes the Department for Education and Skills' publication Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Good Practice Guidance, that sets out guidelines for agencies working with children with autism and focuses on support provided by schools and local education authorities, and believes that the Scottish Executive should give consideration to the preparation of a similar set of guidelines for local authorities and agencies in Scotland.

Supported by: Murray Tosh, Eleanor Scott, Mr David Davidson, David Mundell, Chris Ballance, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Alex Fergusson, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Elaine Smith, Mr John Swinney, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Mary Scanlon, Shiona Baird, Shona Robison, Ms Sandra White, Richard Lochhead, Tommy Sheridan, Dr Jean Turner, Mr Brian Monteith, Phil Gallie*, Karen Gillon*, Christine Grahame*

S2M-1007 Richard Lochhead: Fair Trade Cities - Aberdeen and Dundee-That the Parliament congratulates the cities of Aberdeen and Dundee on the launch of their fair trade status on Friday 5 March 2004; believes that the principle of fair trade is something to which Scotland as a nation should aspire; further believes that those towns and cities in Scotland that do not currently have fair trade status should seek to attain it as soon as possible, and urges all catering companies and public organisations in Scotland to use fair trade products in a bid to further promote this cause.

Supported by: Mr Adam Ingram, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Patrick Harvie, Bruce Crawford, Frances Curran, Carolyn Leckie, Brian Adam, Fiona Hyslop, Tricia Marwick, Eleanor Scott, Marlyn Glen, Alex Neil, Stewart Stevenson, Nora Radcliffe, Ms Sandra White, Chris Ballance, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Dr Jean Turner, Mr Bruce McFee, Rob Gibson, Michael Matheson, Mr Jamie Stone, Roseanna Cunningham, Mr Mark Ruskell, Tommy Sheridan, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Shiona Baird, Christine Grahame*

S2M-1006 Frances Curran: Erskine Bridge Tolls-That the Parliament notes with grave disappointment the statement by Trish Godman MSP on 4 March 2004 in the Parliament that she has opposed tolls on the Erskine Bridge since "day one" when it considers that the Official Report, on 6 September 2001, clearly shows that this is not so; believes that Trish Godman MSP has failed in her role of upholding the aspirations of wisdom, justice, compassion and integrity of the Scottish people for their members of the Parliament, and considers that she should set the record straight by acknowledging that in the last session of the Parliament she supported tolls and voted in favour of them.

Supported by: Carolyn Leckie

S2M-1004 Westminster Committee on GM Crops (lodged on 5 March 2004) Christine Grahame*

S2M-997# Proposed Closure of AA at Erskine (lodged on 4 March 2004) Cathy Peattie*, Miss Annabel Goldie*

S2M-994# Report on Responses to Prostitution (lodged on 3 March 2004) Karen Gillon*

S2M-992# NHS Fife and NHS Tayside "Keep Yer Shirt On" Project (lodged on 3 March 2004) Cathy Peattie*

S2M-991 A New Order for Ferguson Shipbuilders of Port Glasgow (lodged on 3 March 2004) Cathy Peattie*

S2M-990 Ofgem Scottish Office (lodged on 3 March 2004) Karen Gillon*

S2M-979# The Role of the Higher and Further Education Sector in Attracting Fresh Talent (lodged on 27 February 2004) Cathy Peattie*

S2M-977# Nursery Nurses' Pay and Conditions (lodged on 27 February 2004) Karen Gillon* R

S2M-976 LGBT Youth Scotland National Gathering, 5 to 7 March 2004 (lodged on 27 February 2004) Cathy Peattie*

S2M-972# Millennium Development Goals (lodged on 27 February 2004) Cathy Peattie*

S2M-971# Rhona Brankin: World Health Organisation's Bone and Joint Decade 2000 to 2010-That the Parliament welcomes the World Health Organisation's Bone and Joint Decade 2000 to 2010; recognises that musculoskeletal disorders are the most common cause of severe long-term pain and physical disability affecting hundreds of millions of people including many young people around the world; further recognises that joint diseases account for more than half of all chronic conditions in persons aged 60 years and over and that back pain is the second leading cause of sick leave, and believes that the Scottish Executive should consider how best to raise awareness of musculoskeletal disorders in Scotland such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and ankylosing spondylitis and their impact both on peoples' lives and on the Scottish economy.

Supported by: Eleanor Scott, Nora Radcliffe, Maureen Macmillan, Jackie Baillie, Frances Curran, Carolyn Leckie, Irene Oldfather, Marlyn Glen, Donald Gorrie, John Swinburne, Helen Eadie, Scott Barrie, Tricia Marwick, Fergus Ewing, Karen Whitefield, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Pauline McNeill, Elaine Smith, Bill Butler, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Ms Sandra White, Margaret Smith, Sarah Boyack, Dr Elaine Murray, David Mundell, Stewart Stevenson, Richard Lochhead, Mr David Davidson, Margaret Jamieson, Mr Jamie Stone, Christine May, Margaret Mitchell, Karen Gillon, Marilyn Livingstone, Tommy Sheridan, Dr Jean Turner, Cathie Craigie, Cathy Peattie*, Robin Harper*

S2M-970# Association of University Teachers' Industrial Dispute and Strike Action (lodged on 26 February 2004) Cathy Peattie*

S2M-969# Recognising the Contribution of Scottish Lithuanians (lodged on 26 February 2004) Karen Gillon*

S2M-961# Landfill at Greengairs (lodged on 26 February 2004) Cathy Peattie*

S2M-958 Appointment of a New Controller of BBC Scotland (lodged on 25 February 2004) Karen Gillon*

S2M-936 Cathy Jamieson: Justice (Northern Ireland) Bill - UK Legislation-That the Parliament agrees that an amendment should be made to the Justice (Northern Ireland) Bill to provide for the compulsory transfer of prisoners from Northern Ireland to Scotland and that the amendment should be considered by the UK Parliament.

Supported by: Hugh Henry

S2M-816# The Importance of Modern Language Learning (lodged on 23 January 2004) Cathy Peattie*

S2M-754# Donald Gorrie: National Celebrations on St Andrew's Day-That the Parliament believes that many aspects of Scottish life would benefit from the adoption of St Andrew's Day as a focus for national celebration; recognises the value that similar national days, such as Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America, bring to other countries, and considers that the Parliament and the Scottish Executive should work with all relevant bodies to make St Andrew's Day, or the weekend nearest to it, a basis for educational, cultural and sporting activity, family reunions, community events, the promotion of tourism and Scottish products abroad and for developing existing celebrations of Scottish life held abroad.

Supported by: Iain Smith, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Alex Neil, Elaine Smith, Michael Matheson, Brian Adam, Mike Rumbles, Tommy Sheridan, Richard Lochhead, Ms Sandra White, Nora Radcliffe, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Mike Pringle, Mr Jamie Stone, Stewart Stevenson, Christine Grahame, John Swinburne, Chris Ballance, Eleanor Scott, George Lyon, Robin Harper, Dr Jean Turner, Dennis Canavan, Mr Adam Ingram, Fiona Hyslop