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Business Bulletin No. 28 / 2004

Wednesday 11th February 2004

Section I : Petitions lodged on Tuesday 10th February 2004


The following Petitions were lodged with the Parliament on -

PE707 Petition by Professor D Young, calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to consider a new legal framework for consultation on the configuration of Health Services to include advice on the proper use of guidelines and an independent process for the selection of expert advice, particularly where the provision of national services is affected, and to create a process for the establishment of integrated Maternal and Child Health Services for Scotland.

PE708 Petition by William Burns, calling for the Scottish Parliament to introduce legislation whereby the Lord Advocate, the Crown Office and other public bodies and officials are required to respond to requests for information by the Parliament within specific time limits and penalties to be imposed when there is failure to do so.