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Business Bulletin No. 17 / 2004

Tuesday 27th January 2004

Section J: Parliamentary Bureau: Note of Decisions



Presiding Officer George Reid (in the chair)

Deputy Presiding Officer Trish Godman

Deputy Presiding Officer Murray Tosh

Labour Party Business Manager Patricia Ferguson

Scottish National Party Business Manager Bruce Crawford

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

Business Manager Bill Aitken

Liberal Democrat Party Business Manager Tavish Scott

Scottish Green Party Business Manager Mark Ballard

Scottish Socialist Party Representative on the Bureau Carolyn Leckie

1. Future Business Programme

It was agreed to recommend to the Parliament a future business programme for weeks beginning 26 January and 4 February 2004. (for text of motion see Section F of the Business Bulletin for 21 January 2004)

2. Procedural Motions

The Bureau agreed to recommend to the Parliament that the following instrument be approved:

the draft Solvent Emissions (Scotland) Regulations 2004.

3. Nature Conservation (Scotland) Bill - Stage 2 Referral and Completion

The Bureau agreed that the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Bill be referred back to the Environment and Rural Development Committee for consideration at Stage 2 and that the Stage be completed by 5 March 2004.

4. Breastfeeding etc. (Scotland) Bill - Stage 1 Completion

The Bureau agreed to recommend to the Parliament that consideration of the

Breastfeeding etc. (Scotland) Bill at Stage 1 be completed by 17 September 2004.



5. Criminal Procedure (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill - Request for extension

for Stage 1 completion.

The Bureau agreed that the completion date for consideration of the Criminal Procedure (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill at Stage 1 be extended to 27 February 2004.

6. Waverley Railway (Scotland) Bill - Establishment of a Private Bill


The Bureau agreed to recommend to the Parliament in the following terms:

That the Parliament agrees to establish a committee of the Parliament as follows:

Name of Committee: Waverley Railway (Scotland) Bill Private Bill Committee.

Remit: To consider and report to the Parliament on the Waverley Railway (Scotland) Bill.

Duration: Until the Bill has received Royal Assent, falls or is withdrawn.

Convenership: The Convener will be a member of the Scottish National Party and the Deputy Convener will be a member of the Labour Party.

Membership: Christine May (Labour), Gordon Jackson (Labour), Tricia Marwick (SNP), Ted Brocklebank (Conservative), Mike Pringle (Lib Dem).

7. Date of Next Meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would be at 2.30 pm on 27 January 2004.


David McGill

Clerk to the Parliamentary Bureau

20 January 2004