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Business Bulletin No. 178 / 2003

Friday 19 December 2003

Section G: Bills: Notices and Amendments


New Bills introduced or reprinted on 18 December 2003

Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Bill-The Bill was reprinted as passed (SP Bill 4B) (Executive Bill).

Proposals for Members' Bills

Names marked with an asterisk (*) are new names of support. Proposals that have attracted 11 supporters have those supporters' names shown in bold. The member who lodged such a proposal has the right to introduce a Member's Bill to give effect to that proposal under Rule 9.14 of the Standing Orders.

Ms Rosemary Byrne: Proposed Community Based Drug Facilities (Scotland) Bill-Proposal for a Bill to require demand led local facilities for drug misusers providing treatment and support including: maintenance prescribing, detoxification, rehabilitation, counselling and social support. (lodged 25 November 2003)

Supported by: Patrick Harvie, Eleanor Scott, Shiona Baird, Mr Mark Ruskell, Robin Harper, Mark Ballard, Chris Ballance, Rosie Kane, Frances Curran, Tommy Sheridan, Carolyn Leckie, Dr Jean Turner, Margo MacDonald, Colin Fox, Dennis Canavan, Elaine Smith*

Christine Grahame: Proposed Transportation and Sale of Puppies (Scotland) Bill-Proposal for a Bill to safeguard the health and welfare of puppies by restricting their sale until they reach a minimum age and requiring them to have specified documentation when transported for sale. (lodged 25 November 2003)

Supported by: Chris Ballance, Dr Sylvia Jackson, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Phil Gallie, Margaret Smith, Margaret Jamieson, Alex Neil, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Rob Gibson, Campbell Martin, Frances Curran, Tommy Sheridan, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Brian Adam, Mr Adam Ingram, Bruce Crawford, Ms Sandra White, Michael Matheson, Mr Ted Brocklebank, Mr David Davidson, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Linda Fabiani, Patrick Harvie, Robin Harper, Eleanor Scott, Shiona Baird, Pauline McNeill, Mr Andrew Welsh, John Swinburne, Alex Fergusson, Carolyn Leckie, Margaret Mitchell, Roseanna Cunningham, Dennis Canavan, Rosie Kane; Dr Jean Turner, Mark Ballard, Alasdair Morgan, Shona Robison, Mrs Nanette Milne, David Mundell

Karen Whitefield: Proposed Christmas Day and New Year's Day Trading in Scotland Bill-Proposal for a Bill to prohibit large retail premises from trading on Christmas day and New Year's day. (lodged 15 December 2003)

Supported by: Bill Butler, Maureen Macmillan, Margaret Jamieson, Janis Hughes, Carolyn Leckie, Brian Adam, Mr Richard Baker, Jackie Baillie, Mike Watson, Des McNulty, Karen Gillon, Helen Eadie, Elaine Smith, Dr Elaine Murray, Cathy Peattie, Robin Harper, Michael McMahon, Cathie Craigie, Mike Pringle*, Mr Kenneth Macintosh*, Scott Barrie*, Johann Lamont*, Christine May*, Mr Alasdair Morrison*, Pauline McNeill*, Dennis Canavan*, Colin Fox*, Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Marilyn Livingstone*

Carolyn Leckie: Proposed Single Vaccinations for MMR (Scotland) Bill-Proposal for a Bill to increase the uptake of measles, mumps and rubella vaccinations by making single vaccinations available on the NHS. (lodged 16 December 2003)

Supported by: Tommy Sheridan, Rosie Kane, Frances Curran, Colin Fox, Ms Rosemary Byrne, John Swinburne, Eleanor Scott, Chris Ballance, Mark Ballard, Robin Harper, Mr Mark Ruskell, Dr Jean Turner, Margo MacDonald, Campbell Martin, Elaine Smith*