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Business Bulletin No. 178 / 2003

Friday 19 December 2003

Section F : Motions and Amendments


A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site as Current Motions. The full text of all motions lodged the previous week will appear in the Business Bulletin the following Monday.


Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members' business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#)

*S2M-748 Tommy Sheridan: Reinstatement of Sacked Glasgow College of Commerce Lecturer-That the Parliament welcomes the result of the Glasgow employment tribunal on 10 December 2003 which ordered the reinstatement of Glasgow Central College of Commerce lecturer Jim O'Donovan who had been sacked for trade union activities; further notes the comments of the tribunal that the attitude adopted by the college management during the disciplinary process was "despicable", and believes, in the light of this outcome and the scores of other disputes in further education colleges across Scotland, that a full investigation into the management of Scotland's further education colleges is required and that Scotland's colleges should be returned to the democratic control of local authorities as the best way to deliver further education.

S2M-746# Rob Gibson: Maternity Services in Caithness-That the Parliament notes the current review of maternity services in rural and remote communities of Caithness and north Sutherland; believes that no "one size fits all" model will deliver satisfactory solutions across the country; considers that staff shortages and widely differing geographical circumstances have to be accommodated, and further considers that the Scottish Executive should instruct NHS Scotland to draw up consultant contracts so that medical staff gain competencies in both large and small hospitals and therefore fulfil the Executive's pledge that every child in Scotland be given the best possible start in life.

Supported by: Michael Matheson*, Ms Sandra White*, Mr Stewart Maxwell*, Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Jim Mather*, Carolyn Leckie*, Tommy Sheridan*, Linda Fabiani*, Eleanor Scott*, Mr Jamie Stone*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Maureen Macmillan*, Stewart Stevenson*, Mr Adam Ingram*, Chris Ballance*

S2M-745 Mr Stewart Maxwell: Keep Smiling No One's Going to Die-That the Parliament condemns the cynical tactics of the tobacco industry and the advertising agencies that they employ in their attempts to recruit young people to smoking; congratulates the Centre for Tobacco Control Research at Strathclyde University for exposing the activities and attitudes of the tobacco and advertising industries through the publication of their documents on the internet at; considers that the use by these industries of language such as "keep smiling no one's going to die" to be totally inappropriate and shows what the industries think of their customers, and notes that once again the tobacco industry has been caught attempting to promote a product that is responsible for the death of 13,000 Scots every year, despite denials.

Supported by: Stewart Stevenson*, Brian Adam*, Michael Matheson*, Jim Mather*, Ms Sandra White*, Eleanor Scott*, Shiona Baird*, Rob Gibson*, Carolyn Leckie*, Patrick Harvie*, Chris Ballance*

S2M-744# Tricia Marwick: Fife Health Board Cuts-That the Parliament notes with alarm the proposals by NHS Fife to cut 37 nursing posts and other posts in diatetics, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy to meet its financial overspend; believes that these cuts will result in a poorer level of health care for the people of Fife; considers that NHS Fife has lost the confidence of the people of Fife, and believes that the Scottish Executive should conduct a full investigation into NHS Fife.

Supported by: Ms Sandra White, Michael Matheson*

S2M-742# Mark Ballard: Food for Good-That the Parliament commends UNISON on the production of its "Food for Good Charter" and considers that NHS Scotland should adopt the targets set out therein for organic produce, animal welfare and fair trade and accept the UNISON Food for Good recommendations on meat quality, five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, recycling and composting, patients not profit, resources, real food and fair pay as policy.

Supported by: Ms Sandra White, Frances Curran*, Tommy Sheridan*, Carolyn Leckie*, Margaret Jamieson*, Eleanor Scott*, Mr Stewart Maxwell*, Shiona Baird*, Patrick Harvie*, Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Chris Ballance*

S2M-741 Mr Brian Monteith: Central Scotland's Fire Cadet Scheme-That the Parliament acclaims the success of the fire cadets' scheme run by Central Scotland Fire Brigade; notes that the scheme currently operates in Balfron and Larbert and is being launched in Tillicoultry; praises the organisers and the firefighters involved who give their time to train young people aged between 11 and 18 to learn about the workings of the fire brigade as well as other useful skills such as team working, first aid and fire safety and study towards vocational qualifications, and commends this scheme to other fire brigades across Scotland.

Supported by: Mr Ted Brocklebank, Alex Johnstone, Murdo Fraser, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Phil Gallie*, Bill Aitken*

S2M-740 Mr Brian Monteith: The Work of the Salvation Army in Raploch, Stirling-That the Parliament acknowledges and commends the excellent social welfare work undertaken by the Salvation Army and its volunteers at, and from, its centre in Raploch, Stirling; recognises that it provides much-needed help and support to many members of the community from that area and other adjacent parts of the city of Stirling, particularly through the provision of warm evening meals five nights a week, and notes that the centre is also successfully used as a base for GPs and other health care workers to provide their professional expertise to local residents with acute problems.

Supported by: Mr Ted Brocklebank, Alex Johnstone, John Scott, Murdo Fraser, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Margaret Mitchell, Bill Aitken*

S2M-739 Murdo Fraser: Threat to Scottish Wild Game Industry-That the Parliament notes with concern proposals by the European Parliament to introduce new legislation to change the rules governing products of animal origin intended for human consumption; further notes that this legislation, if implemented in its present form, would have a devastating impact on the Scottish wild game industry, given that the costs involved in meeting the requirements of the legislation would be prohibitive; is deeply concerned about the impact of this legislation on the rural economy and the numbers of those employed on sporting estates and further down the food chain; commends Struan Stevenson MEP for drawing public attention in Scotland to this matter, and calls on the Scottish Executive to make representations to the European Parliament with a view to preventing such legislation being introduced in its present form.

Supported by: Mr Brian Monteith*, Alex Fergusson*, Bill Aitken*, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton*, Phil Gallie*, Shiona Baird*, Chris Ballance*

S2M-737# Mark Ballard: Bilston Glen-That the Parliament believes that the proposed expansion of the A701 between Bilston and Edinburgh should be cancelled as it is dangerous for the local community which has expressed its resentment through several hundred letters, will encourage car use and will destroy green belt land including Bilston Glen, an area of beautiful, ancient, irreplaceable SSSI woodland; considers that the expansion is taking place despite the dedicated actions of international ecological protesters and the stated aims of both the Parliament and Midlothian Council of increasing democratic consultation, promoting more sustainable transport, and protecting SSSI and green belt environments, and believes that no further development should be undertaken that will jeopardise the Glen or the communities of Roslin and Bilston.

S2M-736 Mr Stewart Maxwell: Congratulations to Michelle McManus-That the Parliament congratulates Michelle McManus on her achievement in reaching the final of Pop Idol; wishes her every success for the final on Saturday 20 December 2003, and is confident that she will continue to represent all that is good in Scotland's young people today.

Supported by: Michael Matheson, Rob Gibson, Margaret Mitchell, Christine Grahame*, Karen Gillon*, Tricia Marwick*, Alex Neil*

S2M-732# Mr Bruce McFee: West of Scotland Secure Care Centre-That the Parliament recognises the need for a medium secure unit for the west of Scotland; notes the walkout of MSPs, including Hugh Henry MSP, councillors and community council representatives from the West of Scotland Forensic Steering Group's scoring event, held on Tuesday 9 December 2003; shares the concerns of the Paisley and Barrhead Community Action Group at the catalogue of inaccuracies, omissions and incorrect and selective application of benefit criteria and weightings at different stages of the selection process, and considers that the Minister for Health and Community Care should intervene to instruct the appropriate NHS boards to set aside the whole process and restart it from the beginning in a fair, transparent and robust manner, ensuring that the public are properly consulted at all stages.

Supported by: Campbell Martin, Mr Stewart Maxwell, John Swinburne, Mr Adam Ingram, Ms Sandra White

S2M-727 Tax Stamps on Spirits (lodged on 11 December 2003) Mary Scanlon*

S2M-727.1 Tax Stamps on Spirits (lodged on 11 December 2003) Scott Barrie*

S2M-726 Guantanamo Bay (lodged on 11 December 2003) Dennis Canavan*, Roseanna Cunningham*

S2M-724 Supreme Court (lodged on 10 December 2003) Mary Scanlon*

S2M-723 Banks, Credit Companies and Loan Sharks (lodged on 10 December 2003) Mr Kenneth Macintosh*, Dr Elaine Murray*, Karen Gillon*, Dr Sylvia Jackson*, Shiona Baird*, Scott Barrie*, Elaine Smith*, Johann Lamont*, Des McNulty*

S2M-722 The Commonwealth and Zimbabwe (lodged on 10 December 2003) Karen Gillon*, Rob Gibson*, Mr Kenneth Macintosh*, Alex Johnstone*, Chris Ballance*, Shiona Baird*, Scott Barrie*, Des McNulty*

S2M-713# Sustainability in Higher Education (lodged on 8 December 2003) Mike Pringle*

S2M-704 End to Energy Disconnections for Debt (lodged on 3 December 2003) Dennis Canavan*

S2M-702# Closure of Holy Trinity Episcopal Primary School (lodged on 3 December 2003) Miss Annabel Goldie*

S2M-684# Linked Work and Training Trust Central - BURA Award (lodged on 1 December 2003) Mr Mark Ruskell*, Dr Elaine Murray*, Christine May*, Mr Jamie Stone*, Scott Barrie*

S2M-636# Pensions (lodged on 20 November 2003) Dennis Canavan*

S2M-563# Sustainable Development in Education (lodged on 5 November 2003) Patrick Harvie*, Chris Ballance*, Bristow Muldoon*, Dr Sylvia Jackson*, Shiona Baird*, Mike Rumbles*

S2M-539 Holyrood Inquiry (lodged on 31 October 2003) Mike Pringle*

S2M-474# Horse Racing Industry in Scotland (lodged on 8 October 2003) Bruce Crawford*, David Mundell*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Scott Barrie*, Bill Butler*