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Business Bulletin No. 172 / 2003

Thursday 11th December 2003

Section C : Agendas of Committee Meetings


European and External Relations Committee

16 December 2003

9th Meeting, 2003

The Committee will meet at 2.00 pm in Committee Room 1

1. Repatriation of European regional development funds and the UK Government's proposals - an Inquiry into the impact in Scotland: The Committee will hear evidence from-

Professor John Bachtler, European Policies Research Centre, University of Strathclyde;

Bob Leitch and Karen Stirling, Scottish Chambers of Commerce;

As a panel

Councillor Dr Malcolm Green, Glasgow City Council;

Councillor Eddie Carrick, Clackmannanshire Council;

Councillor Leslie Angus, Shetland Isles Council;

Councillor Tom Barr, North Ayrshire Council;

and consider a schedule for proposed future witnesses to give evidence to the Inquiry.

2. "GM-free zones" and consistency with European Community law: The Committee will consider a paper by the Parliament's Directorate of Legal Services.

3. Pre- and post-EU Council scrutiny: the Committee will discuss the agendas and information received from the Scottish Executive on the following meetings of the Council of the EU-

Forthcoming Councils

Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council, 15 December;

Environment Council, 22 December;

Previous Councils

General Affairs and External Relations Council, 17-18 November;

Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council, 20 November;

Economic and Financial Affairs Council, 24-25 November;

Education, Youth and Culture Council, 24-25 November;

Justice and Home Affairs Council, 27-28 November;

Competitiveness Council, 26-27 November;

and discuss the correspondence received from the Scottish Executive in response to previous queries.

4. Update on the progress of the Inter-governmental Conference (IGC): The Committee will discuss a paper providing a further update on the progress of the IGC and the EU constitutional treaty.

5. Convener's report: The Convener will update the Committee on the-

Briefing paper outlining options by which the Committee can mark the enlargement of the EU in 2004.

Proposals for improving the information provided to the Committee by the Scottish Executive on the transposition and implementation of EC/EU legislation.

Update by the Clerks on the recent developments in, and future plans for, the Committee's involvement in the Network of Regional Parliamentary European Committees (NORPEC).

Next meeting of the 'European Committees-United Kingdom' (EC-UK) group.

Monthly report from the Clerk/Chief Executive and the Parliament's External Liaison Unit on inward/outward visits to the Scottish Parliament.

Feedback from the EMILE meeting (8 December) attended by John Home Robertson MSP and Phil Gallie MSP on behalf of the Committee.

6. Sift of EC/EU documents and draft legislation: the Committee will consider the latest list of EC/EU documents and draft legislative proposals received for this meeting.