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Business Bulletin No. 170 / 2003

Tuesday 9th December 2003

Section D : Oral questions selected for answer on Thursday 11th December 2003


First Minister's Question Time

1. Mr John Swinney: To ask the First Minister when he next plans to meet the Prime Minister and what issues he intends to raise. (S2F-435)

2. David McLetchie: To ask the First Minister what issues will be discussed at the next meeting of the Scottish Executive's Cabinet. (S2F-434)

3. Robin Harper: To ask the First Minister how the active promotion of air travel in Scotland leading to projected increases in such travel and increased greenhouse gas emissions is consistent with the Scottish Executive's policy of reducing such emissions and addressing climate change. (S2F-447)

4. Pauline McNeill: To ask the First Minister what criteria will be used to determine the scope of the proposed Bill to protect emergency workers. (S2F-453)

5. John Farquhar Munro: To ask the First Minister what action the Scottish Executive is taking to reduce drink-driving over the festive period. (S2F-449)

6. Murdo Fraser: To ask the First Minister what the Scottish Executive's response is to the Auditor General's report Scottish Enterprise: special review of operational practices. (S2F-440)