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Business Bulletin No. 154 / 2003

Friday 14th November 2003

Section F : Motions and Amendments


A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site as Current Motions. The full text of all motions lodged the previous week will appear in the Business Bulletin the following Monday.


Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members' business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#)

*S2M-604# Linda Fabiani: South Lanarkshire Secondary Schools PPP Proposal-That the Parliament shares the concerns of parents and pupils in East Kilbride with regard to South Lanarkshire Council's public private partnership proposal for secondary schools which, if implemented, will result in 50% of secondary schools in East Kilbride being closed and school rolls amongst the highest in Scotland; notes that, as the locations of the proposed schools are all in the north of the town, this will lead to considerably longer school journey times for pupils; further notes that St Andrews School, which is earmarked for closure, currently operates at over 80% capacity and has a healthy mix of denominational and non-denominational pupils thus contributing to the Scottish Executive's stated policy of combating sectarianism, and considers that the Executive should fully investigate this situation and the concerns of parents and pupils prior to agreeing the closure of St Andrews school and giving approval to South Lanarkshire Council's secondary school provision proposal.

*S2M-603 Iain Smith on behalf of the Procedures Committee: The Founding Principles of the Parliament-That the Parliament takes note of the previous Procedures Committee's 3rd Report, 2003 (Session 1), The Founding Principles of the Scottish Parliament (SP Paper 818); continues to endorse the four principles of access and participation, equal opportunities, accountability and power sharing as the guiding principles for the Parliament, and encourages all members to play a part in applying these principles throughout the range of their Parliamentary work.

Supported by: Mr Kenneth Macintosh*, Murray Tosh*

*S2M-602# Fergus Ewing: Belford Hospital, Lochaber-That the Parliament congratulates the people of Lochaber for their massive attendance at the public meeting on Tuesday, 11 November 2003 to express their support for the future of the Belford Hospital, Fort William; notes that around 2,500 people attended the Nevis Centre, representing about one fifth of the population of Lochaber; recognises that the Belford Hospital has established a very high reputation for the standard of its work, particularly in relation to acute trauma; considers that the Belford Hospital must continue to be recognised as a medical training centre in order to retain its nine junior medical, surgical and casualty staff; believes that consultant-led services must be retained locally to ensure that high quality acute emergency services continue to be provided at the Belford Hospital; notes that the Lochaber Medical Community Option (the "Lochaber option") has the support of a substantial majority of doctors working in Lochaber, as well as the unanimous support of the Belford Hospital staff, including nurses, physiotherapists, domestic staff, porters, secretaries, radiographers, laboratory staff and midwives as well as that of the full Highland Council; believes that the "Lochaber option" has, thus far, not been properly considered nor fully evaluated; further believes that the "Lochaber option" must be included as one of the options in the formal consultation process which is to be launched by the Highland Health Board early next year, and considers that members from all political parties should express their support for the "Lochaber option" being included in the formal consultation process.

*S2M-601 Donald Gorrie: Water and Sewerage Charges-That the Parliament believes that the Scottish Executive's current water and sewerage charges reduction scheme should be extended in scale, scope and time and that the gap between the Income Support Allowance for water and sewerage and the actual level of charges should be progressively closed.

*S2M-600# Mike Rumbles: Laurencekirk Railway Station-That the Parliament welcomes the recent announcement made by Aberdeenshire Council and Scotrail on the possibility of reopening Laurencekirk Station; recognises the support in Laurencekirk and the north east as a whole for the station's reopening; notes the Scottish Executive's commitment to encouraging the increased use of rail transport as an alternative to the car, and encourages Aberdeenshire Council, Scotrail and the Scottish Executive to continue to make progress towards the station's reopening.

Supported by: Jeremy Purvis*, Mr Jamie Stone*, George Lyon*, Helen Eadie*, Margaret Smith*, John Farquhar Munro*, Mr Richard Baker*, Iain Smith*, Donald Gorrie*

*S2M-599 Karen Gillon: Bonnington and Stonebyres Power Stations-That the Parliament congratulates all those who have been involved in the Lanark hydros at Bonnington and Stonebyres Power Stations over the last 75 years; acknowledges that this was the first hydro-electric scheme in Scotland to serve the public supply, and welcomes recent investment which will see the stations continuing to deliver clean, green energy to homes and businesses in years to come.

S2M-598# Co-operative Group Fair Trade Coffee (lodged on 12 November 2003) Mike Pringle*, Michael Matheson*, Sarah Boyack*, Iain Smith*

S2M-597 Compulsory National Identity Cards (lodged on 12 November 2003) Campbell Martin*, Rob Gibson*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Brian Adam*, Tricia Marwick*, Nicola Sturgeon*, Mark Ballard*, Rosie Kane*, Carolyn Leckie*, Linda Fabiani*, Mr Stewart Maxwell*, Christine Grahame*, Richard Lochhead*, Mike Rumbles*, Shona Robison*, Jim Mather*, Chris Ballance*, Stewart Stevenson*, Ms Sandra White*, Nora Radcliffe*, Mr Adam Ingram*, Dr Jean Turner*, Michael Matheson*, Dennis Canavan*, Alex Neil*

S2M-596 Fairtrade Initiative at the Parliament (lodged on 12 November 2003) Mike Pringle*, Michael Matheson*

S2M-595# MMR Vaccine (lodged on 12 November 2003) Shiona Baird*, Dr Jean Turner*, Michael Matheson*, Alex Neil*, John Scott*

*S2M-582*#* Mike Pringle: Scottish Natural Heritage Vote Against Relocation-That the Parliament notes that 70% of the staff balloted by the Public and Commercial Services Union at Scottish Natural Heritage's (SNH) headquarters in Edinburgh expressed their opposition to the forced relocation to Inverness and will not transfer when their jobs move; notes that the remaining 30% will only move with improved and enhanced conditions; further notes that this lack of staff support will impose a serious threat to the long-term effectiveness and efficiency of SNH to carry out its core function of protecting Scotland's natural heritage, and *considers that the Scottish Executive should* stop this move before it brings the Executive's worthwhile relocation policy further into disrepute.

Supported by: Dr Jean Turner*, Margo MacDonald*

S2M-581 Chemistry Week 2003 (lodged on 11 November 2003) Lord James Douglas-Hamilton*, Alex Neil*, Dr Jean Turner*

S2M-580 European Network of GMO-Free Regions (lodged on 10 November 2003) Dr Jean Turner*, Rob Gibson*

S2M-579 Highlands as a GM-Free Zone (lodged on 10 November 2003) Dr Jean Turner*

S2M-578# Unity Enterprise Glasgow Airport (lodged on 10 November 2003) Dr Jean Turner*

S2M-576# Proposed Closure of Queen Mother's Hospital, Glasgow (lodged on 7 November 2003) Dr Jean Turner*

S2M-574 Scottish Opera's Financial Situation (lodged on 7 November 2003) Alex Neil*, Dr Jean Turner*

S2M-573 Quality of Services for Young Offenders (lodged on 7 November 2003) Alex Neil*, Dr Jean Turner*

S2M-572 Scottish Football Writers' Association (lodged on 7 November 2003) Karen Gillon*, Alex Neil*, Dr Jean Turner*, Iain Smith*

S2M-570# Abuse of Older People (lodged on 6 November 2003) Shiona Baird*, Dr Jean Turner*, Ms Sandra White*, Eleanor Scott*, Fergus Ewing*, Robin Harper*, Richard Lochhead*, Mr Ted Brocklebank*, Mrs Nanette Milne*, Mr Stewart Maxwell*, Bill Butler*, Dr Elaine Murray*

S2M-569# Economic Potential of the Renewable Energy Industry (lodged on 6 November 2003) Shiona Baird*, Alex Neil*, Iain Smith*

S2M-564# World AIDS Day 2003 (lodged on 5 November 2003) Irene Oldfather*, Iain Smith*, Mark Ballard*

S2M-563# Sustainable Development in Education (lodged on 5 November 2003) Irene Oldfather*, Dr Jean Turner*, Richard Lochhead*, Shona Robison*

S2M-555# MS Standards of Care (lodged on 4 November 2003) Dr Jean Turner*

S2M-553# European Parliament Seat Numbers (lodged on 4 November 2003) Dennis Canavan*

S2M-542 Maggie's Centre Glasgow - First Birthday (lodged on 3 November 2003) Irene Oldfather*

S2M-538# MMR Vaccine (lodged on 31 October 2003) Dr Jean Turner*