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Business Bulletin No. 133 / 2003

Monday 6th October 2003

Section F : Motions and Amendments


A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site as Current Motions. The full text of all motions lodged the previous week will appear in the Business Bulletin the following Monday.


Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members' business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#)

*S2M-451# Mrs Margaret Ewing: Warm Homes Week—That the Parliament congratulates Energy Action Scotland on its unrelenting work to remove fuel poverty from Scotland; notes the progress that has been made through its campaigning, and considers that all MSPs should support the Warm Homes Week programme between 28 November and 8 December 2003. R

Supported by: Roseanna Cunningham*, Linda Fabiani*, Campbell Martin*

*S2M-450 Fergus Ewing: Interim Report from Lord Fraser on Holyrood Inquiry—That the Parliament calls on Lord Fraser to produce an interim report in respect of his inquiry into the Holyrood project, containing his findings and conclusions in respect of the early decisions made before the Parliament was reconvened, including those taken by the Labour Government, on the choice of site, architect and construction manager and the type of contract used, and urges him to publish such an interim report as soon as practicable.

Supported by: Jim Mather*, Stewart Stevenson*

*S2M-449 Tommy Sheridan: Support for Liberal Democrats' Comments on Council Tax—That the Parliament notes the comments of Edward Davey, Liberal Democrat local government spokesman, who stated on 29 September 2003, "John Prescott has demonstrated that once again this government is not listening to the people hit hardest by their policies. John Prescott had the opportunity to announce an end to the hated council tax, which hits the poorest hardest, especially vulnerable pensioners. Instead he has ducked the real issue and sought to shift the blame. The structure of council tax is patently unfair. The only way to deal with it is to scrap it, not cap it"; further notes the comments of Liberal Democrat Councillor Chris Clarke, Leader of Somerset County Council and Deputy Chairman of the Local Government Association, who stated on 29 September 2003, "The government must accept the fact that the council tax is unfair. The people with the lowest incomes pay more than those with the highest"; believes these comments to be an accurate description of the unfair council tax, and further believes that it should be replaced with a tax based on personal income at the earliest possible opportunity.

S2M-448 Margaret Jamieson: Comments of John Swinburne MSP—That the Parliament condemns, and dissociates itself from, the comments of John Swinburne MSP in the debate on mainstreaming equality in the Parliament on Wednesday 1 October 2003 and calls on all MSPs to uphold the founding principles of the Parliament.

Supported by: Bill Butler, George Lyon, John Farquhar Munro, Dr Sylvia Jackson, Robert Brown, Cathie Craigie, Kate Maclean, Cathy Peattie, Mr Keith Raffan, Helen Eadie, Christine May, Karen Whitefield, Mary Scanlon, Maureen Macmillan, Irene Oldfather, Patrick Harvie, Dr Elaine Murray, Shiona Baird, Paul Martin, Johann Lamont, Jackie Baillie, Pauline McNeill, Linda Fabiani, Dennis Canavan, Chris Ballance, Mark Ballard, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Trish Godman, Des McNulty, Sarah Boyack, David Mundell, Mr David Davidson, Mr Brian Monteith, Alex Johnstone, Carolyn Leckie, Mr Richard Baker, Mr Duncan McNeil, Janis Hughes, Ms Wendy Alexander, Rhona Brankin, Michael McMahon, Mr Jamie Stone, Jeremy Purvis, Shona Robison, Susan Deacon, Mike Pringle, Mr John Home Robertson, Elaine Smith, Alex Fergusson, Tommy Sheridan, Scott Barrie, Marlyn Glen, Colin Fox, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Mrs Margaret Smith*, Frances Curran*, Karen Gillon*

S2M-447# Mr Mark Ruskell: Nuclear Submarine Decommisioning—That the Parliament condemns any plans to cut up and dispose of nuclear waste from the reactor compartments of decommissioned nuclear submarines stored in Scotland; considers that land-based storage at Rosyth of sealed reactor compartments cut out from those decommissioned submarines currently stored afloat is the best environmental option, and further considers that no additional nuclear submarines should be brought to Scotland for disposal or storage and that no new nuclear submarines should be added to the naval fleet.

Supported by: Chris Ballance, Eleanor Scott, Mark Ballard*

S2M-446 Tommy Sheridan: Deaths of Young Servicemen and Women at Deepcut Barracks—That the Parliament notes that more than 1748 members of Her Majesty's armed forces have lost their lives through non-natural and non-combat causes since 1990, that almost 200 deaths have been caused by discharge of firearms and that some 200 of the deaths are described as self-inflicted; further notes the courage and determination of the friends and families of Sean Benton, James Collinson, Geoff Gray and Cheryl James who died at Deepcut Barracks in Surrey and the friends and families of Paul Cochrane, Ross Collins, Richard Donkin, Tony Green, Dale Little, Aled Martin Jones, Alfie Manship, Gary Riches, Richard Robertson, Alan Sharples, David Shipley and Christopher Young who have subsequently come forward to make public their own grievances and frustrations at the hands of the military authorities; believes that the Ministry of Defence response to these deaths is inadequate and distressing to the bereaved; further believes that the army has a duty of care and protection towards all personnel, particularly young soldiers, that the culture of secrecy surrounding the varied causes of these deaths must give way to greater transparency and that the environment in which these deaths continue to occur and the absence of a system for prompt, effective and independent investigation of deaths has led to a breakdown in public confidence that can only be restored through a full and independent public inquiry, and therefore resolves to urge Her Majesty's Government to establish a tribunal of inquiry without delay.

Supported by: Rosie Kane*, Carolyn Leckie*, Frances Curran*, Colin Fox*, Ms Rosemary Byrne*

S2M-445 Carolyn Leckie: Use of Language by the Executive on Anti-social Behaviour—That the Parliament is appalled at the use of stigmatising and ill-informed language in recent debates; is further appalled at the Scottish Executive's use of the word "plague" in a press release in reference to the anti-social behaviour debate; recognises that those referred to as persistent young offenders are overwhelmingly the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and sometimes abused section of the population, and calls on the Executive to define who the "plague" is, explain its use of the word, withdraw the comments and apologise unreservedly.

Supported by: Frances Curran, Chris Ballance*, Ms Rosemary Byrne*, Rosie Kane*, Tommy Sheridan*

S2M-444 Carolyn Leckie: Food Advertising on TV—That the Parliament notes that research by the University of Strathclyde on behalf of the Food Standards Agency found that TV adverts are responsible for children eating too much sugar, fat and salt and that research by the Food Commission found that food advertising accounts for half of all advertising during children’s viewing time and, in light of this research, calls on the Scottish Executive to introduce a ban on the advertising of junk food to children in line with calls from the Scottish Consumer Council, the British Heart Foundation, the Royal College of General Practitioners, the Food Commission and 80 other organisations.

Supported by: Ms Rosemary Byrne, Tommy Sheridan, Rosie Kane, Colin Fox, Frances Curran, John Swinburne*

S2M-443# Dr Elaine Murray: Scottish Executive Relocation Policy—That the Parliament is concerned that the formula used to shortlist locations suitable for the relocation of the Scottish Executive departments, agencies and non-departmental bodies is not resulting in jobs being dispersed adequately across Scotland and calls on the Executive to re-examine the criteria used to select such locations.

S2M-442# Karen Gillon: European Week for Safety and Health—That the Parliament notes that the European Week for Safety and Health will take place between 13 and 19 October 2003; welcomes the week’s acknowledgement of the need to promote safety and health in the workplace; congratulates trade unions for the role that they have played in improving health and safety in the workplace, and commends the commitment of the European Agency for Safety and Health and the Health and Safety Executive to promote safe and healthy working.

S2M-441 Brian Adam: Planning Appeals—That the Parliament calls on the Scottish Executive to change the appeals procedure for planning applications to make the reporter the convener of an independent committee rather than the sole arbiter of appeals.

Supported by: Michael Matheson

S2M-440 Lord James Douglas-Hamilton: Appointment of New Cardinal—That the Parliament congratulates the Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh, Keith Patrick O’Brien, on his well-deserved appointment as cardinal and wishes him every good fortune and success.

Supported by: David McLetchie, Stewart Stevenson, Murdo Fraser, David Mundell, Michael Matheson, Murray Tosh, Mr David Davidson, Mr Ted Brocklebank, Bill Aitken, Tricia Marwick*

S2M-439 Mr Jamie Stone: Church of Scotland Care Homes—That the Parliament welcomes the announcement by the Church of Scotland Board of Social Responsibility that it has secured the future of the vast majority of its residential homes for older people; agrees with The Herald that these homes are "recognised by almost everyone as the best in the sector" for the quality of care they provide; welcomes the positive partnership approach that has been taken between the Church and local authorities, and applauds the board’s intention to invest in its homes to ensure that they have a sustainable future and meet the quality standards laid down by the Care Commission.

S2M-437# Mr Brian Monteith: Rising Crime in Forth Valley—That the Parliament notes that the number of recorded crimes and offences in Forth Valley increased again in 2002-03, despite the local constabulary’s enviable record of detecting and clearing up crime; recognises that a secure society can only be built on a foundation of public order and that this requires public policy to focus on cutting crime, reducing the risk of re-offending and keeping young people off the conveyor belt to crime, and believes that the Scottish Executive should begin by supporting the local police force with additional resources for a more visible presence on the streets, ensuring honesty in sentencing of convicted criminals by removing automatic remission and providing more flexible funding arrangements to local authorities when asking them to tackle the problems of crime and anti-social behaviour.

S2M-427 Murdo Fraser: Mr John Swinney MSP's Reported Use of Offensive Language—That the Parliament notes with concern the reported use by SNP leader Mr John Swinney MSP of the expression "tell the Brits to get off" at his party’s conference in Inverness on Friday 26 September 2003; believes that such language is offensive to many in Scotland and throughout the UK and is inappropriate for an MSP and party leader in the Parliament, and calls on John Swinney to withdraw these remarks and apologise to the Scottish people for them.

Supported by: Alex Johnstone, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Bill Aitken, Mr Ted Brocklebank, Phil Gallie, Alex Fergusson, Mr Brian Monteith

S2M-426# Christine Grahame: Hepatitis C from Contaminated Blood Products—That the Parliament recognises the valuable work of the former Health and Community Care Committee in its report on hepatitis C (17th Report 2001) and its seven recommendations; notes that the scheme proposed by the Minister for Health and Community Care with a package worth in the region of 15 million falls far short of the recommendations of the independent inquiry team chaired by Lord Ross where payments would have totalled some 89 million; further notes that the inquiry team's figure is still well below settlements elsewhere in the world; considers that the Scottish Executive's offer will be perceived as being hurtful, mean, unjust and insulting; notes that there are substantial unresolved issues regarding the probable prescribing of known infected blood products until as late as the mid 1990s; further notes that there are issues surrounding the effectiveness of the subsequent prescribing of "synthetic" Factor 8 products, and considers that the Executive should review its offer to comply with the recommendations of Lord Ross's inquiry and instigate a public inquiry now.

Supported by: Ms Sandra White, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Brian Adam, Mr Jim Mather, Nicola Sturgeon, Shona Robison, Alasdair Morgan, Robin Harper, Mr Rob Gibson, Tommy Sheridan, Frances Curran, Carolyn Leckie, Mr Bruce McFee, Alex Neil, Stewart Stevenson, John Swinburne, Roseanna Cunningham, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Chris Ballance, Dennis Canavan*

S2M-425 Ross Finnie: Nature Conservation (Scotland) Bill—That the Parliament agrees to the general principles of the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Bill.

Supported by: Allan Wilson

S2M-424# Murdo Fraser: Wind Farms—That the Parliament notes with concern the proliferation of planning applications for onshore wind farms throughout Scotland; is further concerned, whilst supporting renewable energy, about the environmental and landscape impact of wind farms and understands that these frequently face vigorous local opposition; believes that the current planning regime provides inadequate guidance to local authorities, communities and developers in relation to the siting of wind farms; considers that the Scottish Executive should bring forward as a matter of urgency new planning guidance on the siting of wind farms taking proper account of these factors, and further considers that the Executive should declare a moratorium on the determination of locally-opposed wind farm planning applications until such guidance has taken effect.

Supported by: Mr David Davidson, Mr Ted Brocklebank, Mr Jamie McGrigor, Alex Johnstone, Bill Aitken, Phil Gallie, Christine Grahame

S2M-423# Linda Fabiani: Civilian Peace Service—That the Parliament recognises that 5 November is a powerful reminder that religious and other divisions can escalate destructively into conflict; welcomes the initiative of churches, faith groups, non-government organisations, the Scottish Centre for Nonviolence, the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly, the United Nations Association and others to promote in Scotland the concept of a civilian peace service, and endorses the need for a standing, trained service with a key role in conflict resolution and post-conflict peace-building.

Supported by: Ms Sandra White, Michael Matheson, Brian Adam, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Tricia Marwick, Robin Harper, Christine Grahame, Mr Rob Gibson, Bruce Crawford, Alex Neil, Stewart Stevenson, Mark Ballard, Richard Lochhead, Rosie Kane, Chris Ballance, Shiona Baird

S2M-422# Colin Fox: The Airborne Initiative—That the Parliament condemns the trial by media of the alternative to custody project, the Airborne Initiative, and any attempts to cut the project’s funding; notes that this project works with some of Scotland’s toughest offenders and offers a course that addresses offending behaviour and is regarded as a model of rehabilitation across the western hemisphere; considers it to be completely unacceptable for the future of such projects to be put in jeopardy by the incomplete and subjective evidence of a scene in a television documentary, and commends the Airborne Initiative for taking part in a programme that shows the extent of the problems those attempting to address offending behaviour have to face on a daily basis.

Supported by: Frances Curran, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Robin Harper, Nora Radcliffe, Carolyn Leckie, Tommy Sheridan, Robert Brown, Chris Ballance, Shiona Baird

S2M-421 Hugh Henry: The Draft Victim Statements (Prescribed Courts) (Scotland) Order 2003—That the Justice 1 Committee recommends that the draft Victim Statements (Prescribed Courts) (Scotland) Order 2003 be approved.

Supported by: Cathy Jamieson

S2M-420 UNISON's NHS Food for Good Charter (lodged on 26 September 2003) Mark Ballard*, Dr Elaine Murray*

S2M-417# Royal Mail Withdrawal from Use of Rail (lodged on 26 September 2003) Chris Ballance*, Cathy Peattie*, Rosie Kane*, Mark Ballard*

S2M-416# Sexual Health Strategy (lodged on 26 September 2003) Shiona Baird*, Chris Ballance*

S2M-415 Water Charging Schemes (lodged on 25 September 2003) Chris Ballance*

S2M-407 Hugh Henry: Criminal Justice Bill - UK Legislation—That the Parliament agrees that, in addition to the provisions referred to in motion S1M-3671, those further matters which have been brought forward in the Criminal Justice Bill and that relate to devolved matters should be considered by the UK Parliament.

Supported by: Cathy Jamieson

S2M-382 Deepcut Barracks Public Inquiry (lodged on 23 September 2003) Chris Ballance*

S2M-376# Boycott of Coca-Cola (lodged on 22 September 2003) Chris Ballance*

S2M-372# Expansion of Dungavel Detention Centre (lodged on 22 September 2003) Chris Ballance*

S2M-370 Alness in Bloom - Entente Florale Silver Medal (lodged on 22 September 2003) Chris Ballance*

S2M-366 Scottish Traditional Music Awards (lodged on 19 September 2003) Cathy Peattie*

S2M-291# Fergus Ewing: Auxiliary Fire Units in the Highlands—That the Parliament notes that auxiliary fire units play a vital role in many rural communities in fighting fires and do so in conjunction with the retained fire brigades; notes with concern that, following a report from Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Fire Services (HMI), 32 auxiliary units face possible closure; further notes that the new approach of integrated risk assessment should permit the preservation of as many as possible of these auxiliary units; considers that the Scottish Executive should explicitly endorse the need for such units and acknowledge the essential role that they play in protecting human life and property; believes that, if the recommendations of the HMI report are not carefully considered and auxiliary units are forced to close because of the proposed introduction of compulsory access to breathing apparatus within a short timescale, then human life and property may be placed at risk; believes that all involved, including Highland Council, the Firemaster, HMI and the Health and Safety Executive, should continue to discuss the implications of the HMI report in the context of integrated risk assessment and find an outcome that prevents the closure of so many of the auxiliary units.

Supported by: Stewart Stevenson, Brian Adam, Mr Jim Mather, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Richard Lochhead, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Mr Rob Gibson, Eleanor Scott, Alex Neil, Michael Matheson, John Swinburne, Shona Robison, Ms Sandra White, Roseanna Cunningham, Mr Bruce McFee, Mary Scanlon, Linda Fabiani, Christine Grahame*, Fiona Hyslop*

S2M-166# Karen Whitefield: Macmillan/CAB Cancer Patient Services—That the Parliament congratulates Macmillan Cancer Relief and the citizens advice bureaux of Lanarkshire on the innovative service that they have developed for cancer patients, providing debt assistance, employment, housing and other benefits to cancer patients and their carers; recognises that this is an excellent example of effective partnership working between voluntary organisations; commends Macmillan Cancer Relief and Airdrie Citizens Advice Bureau on the success of the pilot project in Airdrie; wishes them well as the project is rolled out across Lanarkshire, and recognises the benefits that such a service could provide across Scotland.

Supported by: Michael Matheson, Mike Watson, Sarah Boyack, Cathie Craigie, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Ms Sandra White, Tricia Marwick, Johann Lamont, Scott Barrie, Jackie Baillie, Dr Sylvia Jackson, Mrs Margaret Smith, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Paul Martin, Margaret Jamieson, Elaine Smith, Bill Butler, Nora Radcliffe, Christine Grahame, Tommy Sheridan, Michael McMahon, Donald Gorrie, Irene Oldfather, Robert Brown, Karen Gillon, Maureen Macmillan, Linda Fabiani, Alex Neil, Janis Hughes, John Swinburne, Cathy Peattie, Patrick Harvie, Mr David Davidson, Carolyn Leckie, Margaret Mitchell, Margo MacDonald, Mr Ted Brocklebank, Helen Eadie, Murray Tosh, Dennis Canavan, Phil Gallie, Rosie Kane, Brian Adam, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Alex Fergusson, Frances Curran, Mike Pringle, Marilyn Livingstone