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Business Bulletin No. 131 / 2003

Thursday 2nd October 2003

Section C : Agendas of Committee Meetings


Procedures Committee

7 October 2003

5th Meeting, 2003

The Committee will meet at 10.00 am in Committee Room 2

1. Oral questions in the Chamber: The Committee will take evidence from-

George Reid, Presiding Officer

Hugh Flinn, Head of Chamber Desk.

2. Oral questions in the Chamber - witness expenses: The Committee will be invited to delegate to the Convener responsibility for arranging for the SPCB to pay, under Rule 12.4.3, any expenses of witnesses in the inquiry.

3. Non-Executive Bills: The Committee will consider a paper by the Bureau, together with a note by the Clerk, and decide whether to conduct an inquiry on prioritisation of non-Executive Bills.

4. Mainstreaming Equality: The Committee will be invited to note the Implementation Notes recently agreed by the Equal Opportunities Committee.

5. Status and confidentiality of draft Reports (in private): The Committee will consider the status of draft Committee reports and the confidentiality of such drafts.