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Business Bulletin No. 129 / 2003

Tuesday 30th September 2003

Section D : Oral Questions elected for answer on Thursday 2nd October 2003


First Minister's Question Time

1. Mr John Swinney: To ask the First Minister when he next plans to meet the Prime Minister and what issues he intends to raise. (S2F-236)

2. David McLetchie: To ask the First Minister what issues will be discussed at the next meeting of the Scottish Executive’s Cabinet. (S2F-237)

3. Eleanor Scott: To ask the First Minister when the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Sustainable Scotland will next meet and what will be on the agenda. (S2F-244)

4. Sarah Boyack: To ask the First Minister what the Scottish Executive’s timetable is for the introduction of digital hearing aids across Scotland. (S2F-239)

5. Shona Robison: To ask the First Minister whether he will reconsider the level of support to be given to those infected with hepatitis C through contaminated blood products in light of the recent comments by Lord Ross, chair of the expert group. (S2F-252)

6. David Mundell: To ask the First Minister what criteria the Scottish Executive will apply in determining whether its policy of dispersal of government jobs throughout Scotland has been effective. (S2F-235)