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Business Bulletin No. 88 / 2003

Thursday 12th June 2003

Section F : Motions and Amendments


A full list of current motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site as Current Motions. The full text of all motions lodged the previous week will appear in the Business Bulletin the following Monday.


Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members' business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#)

*S2M-132 Pauline McNeill: Queen's Golden Jubilee Award to Central Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Glasgow—That the Parliament congratulates the Central Gurdwara Singh Sabha in Glasgow for being one of 20 Scottish voluntary organisations that have achieved the annual Queen's Golden Jubilee Award for outstanding commitment and contribution to their community and welcomes the recognition given in this award to an important ethnic minority organisation serving the Sikh community in Glasgow.

*S2M-131 Pauline McNeill: Showcasing of Young Bands in Glasgow—That the Parliament welcomes the comments made by Oasis musician Noel Gallagher that one of his best ever nights out was in Partick, Glasgow; notes that his musical career was launched in Glasgow after the band was signed to Creation Records following a gig in the city's King Tut's venue; further notes the increasing difficulties faced by young bands in Glasgow and throughout Scotland in getting gigs and a breakthrough in the music industry, and calls on Noel Gallagher to return to Partick to host a showcase event for young Glasgow talent.

*S2M-130.1 David Mundell: Investing in Public Transport—As an amendment to motion (S2M-130) in the name of Nicol Stephen, leave out from "welcomes" to end and insert "believes that only a fully costed programme of investment in transport infrastructure with detailed start and completion dates, rather than platitudes, will deliver the improvements to public transport that the travelling public and Scottish business so desperately need and calls on the Scottish Executive to present such a programme to the Parliament forthwith."

*S2M-130.2 Rosie Kane: Investing in Public Transport—As an amendment to motion (S2M-130) in the name of Nicol Stephen, leave out from "welcomes" to end and insert "recognises that the Scottish Executive’s transport policy has failed the people of Scotland and that, therefore, it must radically alter this policy; believes that what Scotland needs is a publicly owned and accountable transport system covering rail, bus, ferry and air services, including adopting the principle of road equivalent tariffs and public service obligations for our Highlands and Islands communities, and that these should be administered by a national transport network; further believes that a socially just transport system that puts communities before cars should be the prime concern in any public transport investment, and, to that end, calls on the Executive to reprioritise its transport policy, putting people first and delivering a safe, affordable, efficient, integrated and environmentally friendly transport system for all based on the provision of services and not on the generation of profit, as in the example of the M74, and to instigate a full public inquiry into the M74 proposal."

*S2M-130.3 Mr Kenny MacAskill: Investing in Public Transport—As an amendment to motion (S2M-130) in the name of Nicol Stephen, insert at end "notes that the delivery of tangible improvements within defined timescales is essential; recognises, furthermore, that in order to achieve these an integrated and inter-modal public transport network is required, and therefore calls for the transfer of the legislative and financial powers to the Parliament that are necessary to address fully rail and aviation services in addition to bus and ferry services in order to ensure the delivery of the network sought."

*S2M-130.4 Chris Ballance: Investing in Public Transport—As an amendment to motion (S2M-130) in the name of Nicol Stephen, leave out from "welcomes" to end and insert "envisages a transport system that minimises adverse environmental impact, meets the basic transport needs of every member of society, protects public health and serves a sustainable economy, and believes that the solution lies in increasing investment in public transport infrastructure and services, controlled wherever possible by the communities and customers that use them".

S2M-125 Road Safety (lodged on 10 June 2003) Mr Kenny MacAskill*, Mr Stewart Maxwell*, Mr Bruce McFee*, Michael Matheson*, Mr Adam Ingram*, Robin Harper*

*S2M-124.1 Mark Ballard: Europe—As an amendment to motion (S2M-124) in the name of Nicola Sturgeon, leave out from "; considers" to end and insert "which has led to serious decline in fish stocks and risks permanent damage to marine biodiversity; considers that the terms of the final draft constitution should be subject to the approval of the Scottish people in a referendum prior to ratification; regrets that the Chancellor of the Exchequer's tests in relation to the euro did not address either social impact or the risks to policies promoting sustainability, if public spending is subjected to the Growth and Stability Pact of the European Central Bank; believes that the decision by Her Majesty’s Government to delay entry to the single currency was in Scotland’s best economic, social and environmental interests, but further believes that Scotland’s interests would best be represented in the European Union as an independent member state."

*S2M-124.2 Phil Gallie: Europe—As an amendment to motion (S2M-124) in the name of Nicola Sturgeon, leave out from "confederation" to end and insert "partnership of nation states working together for the common interest; expresses concern at the clearly federalist objectives of the current proposals of the Convention on the Future of Europe; pledges to analyse the detail of these proposals as they affect devolved responsibilities and report back our objections to Her Majesty's Government along with our view that, given the conclusions drawn up by HM Treasury over the last six years on the United Kingdom entering the European single currency, there is no basis for the United Kingdom surrendering the pound for the euro and that further uncertainty on monetary union will be bad for Scottish interests, and urges Her Majesty's Government to hold an early referendum on both the Convention proposals and European monetary union."

*S2M-124.3 Frances Curran: Europe—As an amendment to motion (S2M-124) in the name of Nicola Sturgeon, leave out from "supports" to end and insert "believes in a socially just, democratic and accountable Europe for citizens and not big business; further believes that the structure of the current European Union undermines democracy within Scotland and that any further attempt to centralise political power in Brussels, or financial decisions at the European Central Bank in Stuttgart, would not be in the interest of ordinary Scots; is concerned that the economic agenda of European monetary union has the intention of furthering the aims of capitalist globalisation and the interests of trans-global corporations, resulting in lower wages, cuts in public services and a wholesale onslaught against workers’ pensions; demands the right of the Scottish people to make their views known through a referendum; opposes entry to the euro, and calls on the Scottish Executive to offer to host the 2004 annual anti-globalisation event, the European Social Forum, involving up to 100,000 people, that has already taken place in Florence and will meet in Paris in November 2003."

*S2M-124.4 Tavish Scott: Europe—As an amendment to motion (S2M-124) in the name of Nicola Sturgeon, leave out from "supports" to end and insert "welcomes the many benefits that the European Union (EU) has delivered for Europe and for Scotland; continues to believe that the EU should seek to become more effective, efficient, democratic, transparent, accountable and easier to understand; notes the work of the Convention on the Future of Europe towards these objectives; further welcomes the submission to the convention of the proposals on Europe and the regions drawn up by the Scottish Executive in conjunction with Her Majesty’s Government and the Welsh Assembly Government; further notes with approval the references in the draft Constitutional Treaty under consideration in the convention to the role of the regions, and to mechanisms for consulting them; welcomes the intention of Her Majesty’s Government to involve the devolved administrations in the operation of the subsidiarity mechanism proposed by the convention, and calls on the Scottish Executive to continue to work with other sub-member state administrations and Her Majesty’s Government to ensure that Scottish interests are fully taken into account during the forthcoming Inter-Governmental Conference."

Supported by: Mr Andy Kerr*

S2M-123# Seroxat (lodged on 10 June 2003) Campbell Martin*, Christine Grahame*, Robin Harper*, Michael Matheson*, Carolyn Leckie*, Brian Adam*, Stewart Stevenson*, Mike Pringle*, Frances Curran*, Mrs Margaret Ewing*, Alex Neil*

S2M-122 Scottish H.A.R.T. (Scottish Heart at Risk Testing) (lodged on 10 June 2003) Michael Matheson*, Shona Robison*

S2M-115# National Beds Inquiry (lodged on 5 June 2003) Phil Gallie*

S2M-114 Wear Red for Heart Day, Friday 13 June 2003 (lodged on 5 June 2003) Roseanna Cunningham*, Pauline McNeill*

S2M-113 Amicus Scottish Cup Final (lodged on 5 June 2003) Helen Eadie*, Karen Gillon*, Mike Watson*, Pauline McNeill*, Christine May*, Susan Deacon*

S2M-112# Stranraer to Cairnryan Rail Link (lodged on 5 June 2003) Phil Gallie*

S2M-111 Inaugural Scots Traditional Music Awards (lodged on 5 June 2003) Nora Radcliffe*, Pauline McNeill*

S2M-110# Valuing Carers (lodged on 4 June 2003) Robert Brown*, Chris Ballance*, Kate Maclean*, Karen Gillon*, Nora Radcliffe*, Susan Deacon*

S2M-106# Scotland's European Pollutant Emission Register (lodged on 3 June 2003) Robert Brown*, Nora Radcliffe*

S2M-105# Future of Europe (lodged on 3 June 2003) Robert Brown*, Karen Gillon*, Helen Eadie*, Nora Radcliffe*, Christine May*

S2M-100*#* John Swinburne: Recognition of Kinship Care—That the Parliament recognises that many grandparents have become the new foster care parents of children whose mothers and fathers have become disconnected from mainstream society; acknowledges that such care arrangements are more stable and have a positive impact on the young person as a result of grandparents’ strong sense of values in respect of providing care, but share concerns about the financial consequences experienced by grandparents in providing this care, should they have to leave work early or reduce their working hours, and therefore *considers that* the Scottish Executive *should* recognise this form of kinship care by giving it the attention and social work resources that it deserves and by making recommendations to *local authorities and* Her Majesty’s Government to offer these grandparents, many of whom are pensioners, the same level of financial support as other foster carers.

S2M-96 European Football Achievements of Scottish Clubs (lodged on 30 May 2003) Pauline McNeill*

S2M-94 Charity Law Reform (lodged on 29 May 2003) Pauline McNeill*

S2M-87# Relocation of European Maritime Safety Agency to Glasgow (lodged on 29 May 2003) Robert Brown*, Pauline McNeill*

S2M-81# Planning Law (lodged on 28 May 2003) Robin Harper*

S2M-69# Fair Credit Schemes (lodged on 27 May 2003) Pauline McNeill*

S2M-67# Scottish Premier League's Treatment of Falkirk Football Club (lodged on 27 May 2003) Pauline McNeill*

S2M-50 Men's Health Week, Scotland: 9-16 June 2003 (lodged on 20 May 2003) Lord James Douglas-Hamilton*

S2M-34# Closure of Animal Welfare Centres (lodged on 15 May 2003) Pauline McNeill*

S2M-17 Relocation of Scottish Natural Heritage Headquarters to Inverness (lodged on 14 May 2003) Jim Mather*