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Business Bulletin No. 81 / 2003

Tuesday 3rd June 2003

Section D : Oral questions selected for answer on 5th June 2003


First Minister's Question Time

1. Mr John Swinney: To ask the First Minister what issues will be discussed at the next meeting of the Scottish Executive’s Cabinet. (S2F-42)

2. David McLetchie: To ask the First Minister when he will next meet the Prime Minister and what issues he intends to discuss. (S2F-47)

3. Tommy Sheridan: To ask the First Minister what powers the Scottish Executive has to abolish the council tax and whether it will use these powers in view of comments made by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation that the tax is regressive. (S2F-57)

4. Karen Whitefield: To ask the First Minister how communities affected by pollution can make use of the new online pollution register. (S2F-59)

5. Murdo Fraser: To ask the First Minister whether the Scottish Executive is satisfied with the performance of Scottish Water. (S2F-40)

6. Mrs Margaret Smith: To ask the First Minister what evaluation will be made of the youth court pilot project in Lanarkshire. (S2F-44)