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Business Bulletin No. 73/2003

Tuesday 20th May 2003



Meeting of the Parliament

The Presiding Officer wishes to announce that he is calling a meeting of the Parliament on Wednesday 21 May 2003 to commence at 9.30am. Members will be invited to agree a Business Motion which would allow consideration of the motions of the First Minister to appoint Scottish Ministers and Junior Scottish Ministers to take place immediately thereafter.

Election of Members of the Parliamentary Corporation

The Presiding Officer wishes to announce that the elections for members of the Parliamentary Corporation (SPCB) will take place on Wednesday 21 May 2003 at 2.30pm. Nominations must be submitted on official nomination forms. These will be available from the Chamber Desk on the ground floor of PHQ from 9.30am on Wednesday. Completed nomination forms must be lodged there by 2.00pm at the latest.

Members are reminded that the electronic voting system will be used and so members will require their passes. A further announcement on the voting procedure will be published in the Business Bulletin tomorrow.