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Business Bulletin No. 58/2003

Wednesday 26 March 2003

Section F: Motions and Amendments


A full list of outstanding motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site as Outstanding Motions. Each Monday the full text of all motions lodged the previous week will appear in the Business Bulletin together with motions previously lodged that are due to be debated that week.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members' business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#)

*S1M-4064 Ms Margaret Curran: Closing the Opportunity Gap for Older People-That the Parliament welcomes the Scottish Executive's commitment to close the opportunity gap for Scotland's older people by building first-class public services and developing initiatives in health, transport and other priority areas, which will support older people in living healthy, active and independent lives.

Supported by: Lewis Macdonald*, Des McNulty*

*S1M-4063 Mr Jack McConnell: Presiding Officer-That the Parliament expresses its gratitude to Sir David Steel for his service to the Parliament and recognises the important and historic role he has carried out as its first Presiding Officer.

Supported by: Mr John Swinney*, David McLetchie*, Mr Jim Wallace*

*S1M-4062 Patricia Ferguson on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau: Council of the Law Society of Scotland Bill, Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation) (Scotland) Bill, National Galleries of Scotland Bill and Commissioner for Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill - Business Motion-That the Parliament agrees that, during the Stage 3 and Final Stage proceedings on the Council of the Law Society of Scotland Bill, Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation) (Scotland) Bill, National Galleries of Scotland Bill and Commissioner for Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill, debate on each part of those proceedings shall be brought to a conclusion by the time-limits indicated (each time-limit being calculated from when the Stage 3 proceedings on the Council of the Law Society of Scotland begin and excluding any periods when the meeting of the Parliament is suspended)-

Council of the Law Society of Scotland Bill

Motion to pass the Bill - no later than 30 minutes

Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation) (Scotland) Bill

Amendment 1 and motion to pass the Bill - no later than 40 minutes

National Galleries of Scotland Bill

Amendments 1 to 4 and motion to pass the Bill - no later than 1 hour and 20 minutes

Commissioner for Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill

Groups 1 to 3 and motion to pass the Bill - no later than 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Supported by: Euan Robson*

*S1M-4061 Trish Godman: A Secret Ballot For All Electors-That the Parliament acknowledges the sensitivity and practical concern shown by returning officers and their officials in respect of the requirements of disabled citizens when they visit polling stations to cast their votes but believes that much more needs to be done by the Scottish Executive and Her Majesty's Government, in consultation with the Royal National Institute of the Blind, in order to ensure that visually-impaired voters can be truly confident that they are voting in a genuinely secret ballot.

*S1M-4060 Christine Grahame: Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Parking Charges-That the Parliament notes with concern that, as from mid-April, staff at the new Edinburgh Royal Infirmary will be either paying 250 per annum for a parking permit if they have been successful in their application or paying 10 per day Monday to Friday and 3 per day at weekends; believes that there has been an over-issue of permits; notes that using public transport may be staff's only option and that, for a theatre staff nurse living in Penicuik and working an 11-hour shift from 7.30am to 6.30pm, this will mean leaving home at 6.20am, changing bus with a three-minute transfer time, in order to arrive at work in time to begin the shift, assuming that all buses run to time; refers to the answer to written question S1W-27065 on 16 July 2002 that stated that a review of car parking charges was to be undertaken; calls upon the Scottish Executive to publish results of that review as a matter of urgency, and expresses concern that hospital staff on shifts, with modest income and working in essential medical services, are being charged in this manner.

Supported by: Stewart Stevenson*, Ms Sandra White*, Kay Ullrich*

*S1M-4059 George Lyon: Over Thirty Months Scheme-That the Parliament notes Scottish farmers' and crofters' deep concerns and anger over the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs' proposal to cut the compensation to them for animals slaughtered under the Over Thirty Months Scheme; further notes that this cut is for apparent financial reasons prior to the completion of the Food Standards Agency's review of the scheme, and calls on the Scottish Executive to press for a delay in the cuts until the Food Standards Agency's consultation on changes to the scheme is completed and a proper strategy put in place for the gradual withdrawal of the scheme causing minimum disruption to the market place.

*S1M-4057.1 Andrew Wilson: The Scottish Economy-As an amendment to motion (S1M-4057) in the name of Iain Gray, leave out from "endorses" to end and insert "believes that a dramatic improvement on the underperformance of the Scottish economy should be the top priority of Scotland's leaders and calls for all parties to work together to place growth and competitiveness at the top of our national agenda; supports initiatives such as set out in Smart, Successful Scotland and effective investment in infrastructure and skills improvement but believes more must be done to deliver maximum growth and a competitive advantage for the Scottish economy; calls on all parties to support positive reform of the Scottish Enterprise network and a reduction in Scottish business rates to below the United Kingdom rate in the course of the next session of the Parliament, and believes that the optimal policy to release Scotland's full economic potential requires the Scottish government to be equipped with the same competitive policy tools as Scotland's independent competitors focussed on delivering the maximum possible competitive advantage for the Scottish economy."

*S1M-4057.2 Miss Annabel Goldie: The Scottish Economy-As an amendment to motion (S1M-4057) in the name of Iain Gray, leave out from first "Scottish" to end and insert "objectives of Smart, Successful Scotland and, while welcoming the introduction of education for work and enterprise within Scottish schools, expresses concern that, at the end of the first devolved parliamentary session, business start-ups have declined, business regulation has intensified, strategic transport investment has been neglected and business rates have increased, and calls upon the Scottish Executive to recreate a competitive business environment by increasing the annual transport budget by 100 million, cutting the business rate poundage to the level of England and taking pro-active steps to reduce the burden of red tape on Scottish business."

*S1M-4057.3 Tommy Sheridan: The Scottish Economy-As an amendment to motion (S1M-4057) in the name of Iain Gray, leave out from "endorses" to end and insert "condemns the failure of the Scottish Executive's policy on the economy which has led to the erosion of Scottish industry and the proliferation of a low wage, poverty-ridden society and believes that only a radically different economic policy can change this situation, including (a) a 7.32 per hour minimum wage in the public sector, (b) creating 24,000 jobs by legislating for a 35-hour maximum working week in the Scottish public sector, (c) funding the training of 5,000 new apprenticeships in construction-related trades as part of a general strategy to build public sector homes, schools, community facilities and hospitals, (d) refusing contracts to any company that is anti-trade union, (e) taking over without compensation the assets, including factories, offices and equipment, of multinational companies that pull out of Scotland in search of cheap labour elsewhere and imposing heavy financial penalties on those companies, (f) supporting trade unionists forced to take strike action in defence of their living standards and working conditions, (g) ensuring that all public sector trainees are paid trade union-negotiated rates of pay, (h) regenerating local economies by returning the uniform business rate to the control of local authorities, (i) investigating a more progressive form of local business taxation to transfer the burden of business rates away from small businesses and new businesses on to bigger and more profitable businesses and (j) setting up a skills diversification programme involving the Scottish Trade Union Congress, in preparation for the future decommissioning of Scotland's nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons bases."

S1M-4056 Congratulations to Dorothy-Grace Elder (lodged on 24 March 2003) Donald Gorrie*

S1M-4051 Hampden National Stadium Sports Health and Injury Clinic (lodged on 20 March 2003) Donald Gorrie*

S1M-4048 Cairngorms National Park - Ministerial Appointments (lodged on 20 March 2003) Margaret Jamieson*, Bill Aitken*

S1M-4046.1 Scottish Agricultural College Restructuring (lodged on 19 March 2003) Donald Gorrie*

S1M-4045 United Kingdom Social Enterprise of the Year (lodged on 19 March 2003) Donald Gorrie*, Ian Jenkins*

S1M-4044 Scottish Agricultural College (lodged on 19 March 2003) Donald Gorrie*

S1M-4031 Support for Armed Forces (lodged on 18 March 2003) Mr Brian Monteith*, Bill Aitken*, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton*, Miss Annabel Goldie*, Mr Jamie McGrigor*

S1M-4030 Double Ear Tagging of Sheep (lodged on 17 March 2003) Mr Jamie McGrigor*

S1M-4003# Island Transport (lodged on 7 March 2003) Mr Jamie McGrigor*

S1M-3970# Environmental Practices (lodged on 28 February 2003) Mr Jamie McGrigor*

S1M-3915# Sabhal Mor Ostaig Awarded Queen's Anniversary Prize (lodged on 18 February 2003) Mr Jamie McGrigor*