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Business Bulletin No. 58/2003

Wednesday 26 March 2003

Section B : Business Programme


As agreed by the Parliament on 19 March 2003

Thursday 27 March 2003

9:30 am Executive Debate on Closing the Opportunity Gap for Older People (for text of motion see S1M-4064 in Section F)

followed by Members' Business - debate on the subject of S1M-4020 Elaine Thomson: Great Northern Partnership and Social Inclusion Partnerships (for text of motion see S1M-4020 in Section F of Monday 24 March 2003)

2:30 pm Question Time

3:10 pm First Minister's Question Time

3:30 pm Motion of Thanks to the Presiding Officer (for text of motion see S1M-4063 in Section F)

4:00 pm Decision Time