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Business Bulletin No. 41/2003

Monday 3 March 2003

Section F : Motions and Amendments


A full list of outstanding motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site as Outstanding Motions. The full text of all motions lodged the previous week will appear in the Business Bulletin the following Monday.


Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members' business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#)

*S1M-3971 Mr Murray Tosh on behalf of the Procedures Committee: Changes to Standing Orders-That the Parliament approves the recommendations for amendments to the Standing Orders of the Parliament (a) concerning the remit of the European Committee contained in the Procedures Committee's 4th Report 2002, Changes to Standing Orders concerning the Scottish Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, European Committee remit, Private Legislation, Temporary Conveners and the Journal of the Scottish Parliament (SP Paper 665), (b) contained in the Procedures Committee's 1st Report 2003, Changes to Standing Orders concerning Legislative Matters, Motions and Lodging Written Questions (SP Paper 783) and (c) contained in the Procedures Committee's 2nd Report 2003, Changes to Standing Orders Concerning Elections to the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SP Paper 787) and agrees that these amendments to the Standing Orders should come into force on Thursday 6 March 2003.

*S1M-3970# Phil Gallie: Environmental Practices-That the Parliament commends the Royal Fine Arts Commission of Scotland (RFACS) in its efforts to communicate to the widest possible audience an account of its activity and financial affairs on a year-to-year basis at minimum cost in both financial and environmental terms and considers that other publicly funded bodies should examine the RFACS methods with a view to establishing similar good practice.

Supported by: Dorothy-Grace Elder*, Mr David Davidson*

S1M-3969# Angus MacKay: 20th Anniversary of the Recognition of HIV/AIDS-That the Parliament notes that 2003 marks the 20th anniversary of the discovery of HIV as being the virus that leads to AIDS; further notes that at the end of 2002 the United Nations estimated that over 40 million people had been infected with the virus and many millions more affected by it; acknowledges that Scotland, and Edinburgh in particular, were seen as being at the forefront of the epidemic in the early 1980s; recognises the achievements of voluntary and statutory organisations involved in limiting the impact of HIV/AIDS in Scotland; further recognises that the current epidemic is particularly virulent in sub-Saharan Africa where over 25 million people are infected with the virus, and encourages Scottish organisations and institutions working on HIV/AIDS to develop partnerships with similar organisations in southern Africa to share expertise and encourage mutual understanding of how best to care for people with HIV and to maximise our efforts at preventing further transmissions of HIV.

S1M-3968# Shona Robison: Broughty Ferry Beach-That the Parliament notes that Broughty Ferry beach has not been recognised as a designated bathing beach by the Scottish Executive; recognises that the lack of such a designation has resulted in the beach being omitted from the European Commission's bathing waters website; notes that this has a detrimental impact on tourism as well as on the environment, and congratulates the local community for its hard work in organising beach clean-ups.

Supported by: Ms Sandra White*

S1M-3967 Richard Lochhead: The Sea Fishing (Restriction on Days at Sea) (Scotland) Order 2003-That the Rural Development Committee recommends that nothing further be done under the Sea Fishing (Restriction on Days at Sea) (Scotland) Order 2003 (SSI 2003/56).

S1M-3966 Michael Russell: Death of Fred MacAulay/Fred MhicAmhlaidh-That the Parliament records with sadness the death of Fred MacAulay who as a broadcaster and broadcasting manager fought to maintain and expand the position of the Gaelic language in the Scottish media and in Scottish life, whose efforts over many years resulted in a huge expansion of Gaelic radio and television compared to the service as it was when he first became involved and whose wit, scholarship, enthusiasm and dedication to his own people, his language and his culture have acted; and will act, as a spur to many others and commends his example of courage and determination to all those who presently work for the language and its future.

The member has provided the following translation:

Gu bheil a' Phàrlamaid le bròn a' toirt fainear bàs Fred MhicAmhlaidh, a rinn strì mar chraoladair agus mar mhanaidsear craolaidh gus àite na Gàidhlig ann am meadhanan na h-Alba agus beatha na h-Alba a ghleidheadh agus a leudachadh; gu bheil na h-oidhirpean aige thar iomadh bliadhna air leudachadh mòr adhbharachadh ann an rèidio agus telebhisean Gàidhlig an coimeas ri mar a bha an t-seirbheis nuair a chaidh e an sàs ann an toiseach; gu bheil a eirmseachd, a sgoilearachd, a dhealasachd agus a dhìlseachd dhan t-sluagh, dhan chànan agus dhan chultar aige fhèin air a bhith, agus gum bi fhathast, a' brosnachadh iomadh duine eile agus gu bheil a' Phàrlamaid a' moladh a eisimpleir de mhisneachd agus de dhaingneachadh dhan a h-uile duine a tha ag obair airson a' chànain agus airson a leasachadh anns an àm ri teachd.

Supported by: Stewart Stevenson, Ms Sandra White*, Mr George Reid*

S1M-3965# Tommy Sheridan: War Pensioners' Accommodation at Erskine Hospital-That the Parliament condemns the withdrawal of rent-free status for those war pensioners living in the grounds of Erskine Hospital and considers that the Scottish Executive should investigate the financial circumstances that have led to the withdrawal of their rent-free accommodation with a view to reinstating this concession in recognition of the heroism and sacrifice of these former soldiers.

Supported by: Robin Harper, Dorothy-Grace Elder*

S1M-3964# Mr Kenneth Macintosh: No Smoking Day 2003-That the Parliament notes that No Smoking Day will take place on 12 March 2003; recognises that tobacco is responsible for more than one in every five deaths and is the single biggest preventable cause of death in Scotland; further notes the evidence that people consistently underestimate the health impacts of both smoking and passive smoking; recognises that the introduction of restrictions on smoking in the workplace is effective in motivating smokers to quit; acknowledges that cutting smoking rates in Scotland will reduce the high incidence of cancer and heart disease caused by smoking and passive smoking; supports the work done by agencies who campaign against tobacco in Scotland and the UK; applauds the work of health professionals in helping smokers to give up, and congratulates the 120,000 Scots who are expected to make a quit attempt on No Smoking Day 2003.

Supported by: Robin Harper, Sarah Boyack, Bristow Muldoon, Scott Barrie, Tommy Sheridan, Fiona McLeod*

S1M-3962 Rhoda Grant: Arjo Wiggins Development of Heat and Power Generator-That the Parliament welcomes the safeguarding of the jobs of 175 employees at Arjo Wiggins, Lochaber, with the allocation of a 5 million grant from the Department of Trade and Industry and the New Opportunities Fund under the Bio-Energy Capital Grant Scheme to build a combined heat and power generator; congratulates the company on its visionary plans to build such a generator that will make its plant energy self-sufficient; notes that the generator will require 106,000 tonnes of wood fuel each year, and further notes the positive knock-on impact that this development will have on the forestry industry in Scotland.

Supported by: Robin Harper, Sarah Boyack, Tommy Sheridan

S1M-3961# Jackie Baillie: Reform of Charity Law-That the Parliament shares the Scottish Executive's commitment to progressing the reform of charity law; recognises that this will assist in developing the contribution of charities to their communities; notes the voluntary sector's call for a charities bill, and welcomes the Executive's commitment to keep the need for such legislation under review.

Supported by: Scott Barrie, Cathie Craigie, Brian Fitzpatrick, Margaret Jamieson, Paul Martin, Mr Jamie Stone, Bill Butler, Robin Harper, Elaine Thomson, Ms Wendy Alexander, Alex Fergusson, Rhoda Grant, Sarah Boyack, Bristow Muldoon, Maureen Macmillan, Mr Michael McMahon, Janis Hughes, Angus MacKay, Trish Godman, Mr Keith Raffan, Johann Lamont, Tommy Sheridan, Mr Tom McCabe*

S1M-3960 Michael Russell: 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Roslin-That the Parliament remembers, on the 700th anniversary of their sacrifice, those who died on both sides at the Battle of Roslin on 24 February 1303; notes that what has been called Scotland's forgotten battle was of enormous significance in the process of defending and then firmly establishing the independence of Scotland at a crucial time in its history, and commends the efforts of those who are endeavouring to ensure that the significance of the Battle of Roslin is at last understood and that the event is properly commemorated.

Supported by: Robin Harper, Ms Sandra White*

S1M-3959 Ross Finnie: The Sea Fishing (Transitional Support) (Scotland) (No.2) Scheme 2003-That the Parliament agrees that the Sea Fishing (Transitional Support) (Scotland) (No.2) Scheme 2003 (SSI 2003/116) be approved.

Supported by: Allan Wilson

S1M-3958 Ross Finnie: The Fishing Vessels (Decommissioning) (Scotland) Scheme 2003-That the Parliament agrees that the Fishing Vessels (Decommissioning) (Scotland) Scheme 2003 (SSI 2003/87) be approved.

Supported by: Allan Wilson

S1M-3955 Janis Hughes: Reorganisation of Post Offices-That the Parliament notes the value of sub-post offices to local communities, particularly in deprived areas; welcomes Her Majesty's Government's decision to provide funding to compensate local sub-postmasters for the cost of closures and to improve remaining post offices; acknowledges that, whilst there is not enough business to sustain the current number of post office branches, cognisance must be taken of local need and a growing elderly population, and urges the Post Office to ensure that full consultation takes place, taking into account the needs of local communities and involving local residents and elected representatives, over changes to local provision.

Supported by: Mr John Home Robertson, Kate Maclean, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Brian Fitzpatrick, Mr John McAllion, Maureen Macmillan, Elaine Thomson, Paul Martin, Johann Lamont, Rhoda Grant, Bill Butler, Helen Eadie, Rhona Brankin, Mr Tom McCabe, Jackie Baillie, Trish Godman, Robin Harper, Margaret Jamieson, Sarah Boyack, Scott Barrie

S1M-3954 Murdo Fraser: Effective Deer Management-That the Parliament welcomes the introduction of a new working agreement between the Association of Deer Management Groups, the Deer Commission for Scotland, the Forestry Commission and Scottish Natural Heritage that will enable all four bodies to work together to provide a framework for good communication and mutual understanding in the interests of effective deer management; notes the necessity of bringing Scotland's deer populations into sustainable balance with their environment, and believes that the new arrangements represent a major contribution towards that end.

Supported by: Robin Harper

S1M-3953# Dr Richard Simpson: New Forth Road Bridge Crossing Near Kincardine-That the Parliament welcomes the completion of the A907; notes the current intention of the Scottish Executive to reopen the Stirling to Alloa and Kincardine rail link by 2005 and construct a new Forth road bridge crossing by 2007; further notes the benefits to the economy of Clackmannanshire that will result from these infrastructure improvements; notes, however, that the recent decision for the favoured site of a new acute hospital for Forth Valley to be at the Royal Scottish National Hospital, Larbert, will have significant implications for the road networks to the south of the Forth road crossing, and considers that the Executive should ensure that the design of this network and its date of completion are expedited in order to ensure the safety of patients in Ochil and Stirling constituencies as well as those from the west of Fife.

Supported by: Scott Barrie, Mr Brian Monteith

S1M-3945 Mr Brian Monteith: Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Bill - Consultation-That the Parliament notes that the Scottish Executive has published the draft Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Bill with the express purpose of modernising the framework that provides pupils that need additional support for learning with that support and that the bill has been put out to consultation with parents, professionals and other stakeholders for a ten-week period ending on 28 March 2003; further notes that the draft bill proposes that the Record of Needs be discontinued and replaced by a new Co-ordinated Support Plan "for children with complex or multiple barriers to learning who require additional support from outwith the education authority"; believes that this bill represents significant and fundamental changes to the existing service built up over the last 20 years and that for it to be successful it must enjoy the support of those parents whose children already have a Record of Needs; notes that the Executive's main method of communicating the bill's proposals to such parents is to send a copy of the document to all schools, asking them to pass it on to these parents and, in addition, is holding a number of seminars that parents can attend; further notes that many parents are expressing ignorance of the draft bill, its contents and the consultation process and that attendance by parents at these seminars is worryingly low and often in single figures, compared to the large number of well-informed professionals, and therefore supports the extension of the consultation period until after the summer recess of the next parliamentary session so that all parents have ample opportunity to consider the merits and demerits of these radical changes and communicate their views to the new Executive which, in turn, will be able to assess its consultation in a more considered manner and with an accurate response from parents.

Supported by: Phil Gallie, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Mrs Lyndsay McIntosh, Tommy Sheridan

S1M-3942 Brian Adam: Chewing Gum Disposal-That the Parliament applauds Councillor Kevin Stewart and Aberdeen City Council in their endeavours to try and get the Chancellor of the Exchequer's agreement to introduce a levy on chewing gum manufacturers, the proceeds of which would be allocated to local authorities to clean up the mess created by those who discard their gum on our streets and pavements; notes that other local authorities are backing Councillor Stewart's original motion because cleaning up chewing gum costs millions of pounds each year, and furthermore believes that the Chancellor of the Exchequer should introduce this sensible proposal in his forthcoming budget.

Supported by: Michael Matheson, Kay Ullrich, Robin Harper, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Mr Adam Ingram, Colin Campbell, Fiona Hyslop, Richard Lochhead, Stewart Stevenson, Christine Grahame, Ms Sandra White, Tommy Sheridan

S1M-3941# Christine Grahame: Children of Iraq - Collateral Damage-That the Parliament notes the concerns of Save the Children regarding the humanitarian consequences of military action against Iraq, that half the Iraqi population is comprised of children under the age of 14, that 70% of the population lives in towns and cities, that 60% are poor and dependent on food rations, that 11.4% of Iraqi children in North Iraq and 23.1% in Central and South Iraq are still chronically malnourished, that under-five child mortality in Central and South Iraq has deteriorated by 160% due to sanctions, that a cut in the food ration provided under the Oil-for-Food programme would trigger even greater poverty, that Iraqi children are forced to drink water that often contains up to ten times the acceptable level of contamination and that the number of internally-displaced persons is already estimated to be between 700,000 and one million; further notes that, against this background, Save the Children is "deeply concerned" at the possibility of renewed conflict as military action would have serious humanitarian consequences for Iraq's vulnerable children, and considers that the Scottish Executive should make all possible representations to prevent this war by addressing the likely impact on the vulnerable and innocent children of Iraq.

Supported by: Brian Adam, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Michael Matheson, Mr Lloyd Quinan, Mr Adam Ingram, Michael Russell, Kay Ullrich, Robin Harper R, Fiona McLeod, Elaine Smith, Ms Sandra White, Tommy Sheridan

S1M-3940# Trish Godman: Shipbuilding on the Upper and Lower Clyde-That the Parliament, in the light of recent and forthcoming Ministry of Defence contracts, is confident that the shipyards on the upper and lower Clyde have a sound future with the welcome retention, and expansion in the range of the superb skills that characterise the industry at its best and believes, however, that these yards, from Port Glasgow to Scotstoun and Govan, require from time to time appropriate and judicious support from the Scottish Executive in order to strengthen this now small but vitally important industry and that this can be best achieved by strengthening the existing close working relationship with management and the trade unions.

Supported by: Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Dr Sylvia Jackson, Nicola Sturgeon, Brian Fitzpatrick, Janis Hughes, Johann Lamont, Bill Butler, Colin Campbell, Karen Gillon, Fiona McLeod, Ms Wendy Alexander, Mr Tom McCabe, Jackie Baillie, Cathie Craigie, Margaret Jamieson, Mr Michael McMahon, John Young, Scott Barrie, Tommy Sheridan

S1M-3938 Social Inclusion Partnerships - New Audit Arrangements (lodged on 21 February 2003) Richard Lochhead*, Alex Neil*

*S1M-3937.1 Margo MacDonald: Civil Service Jobs Dispersal-As an amendment to motion (S1M-3937) in the name of Karen Gillon, leave out from "seeks" to end and insert "urges the Scottish Executive to act on the evidence produced in November 2002 by DTZ providing the cost benefits to be obtained by retaining the Scottish National Heritage headquarters in Edinburgh and end the uncertainty currently surrounding its possible relocation."

S1M-3934 Closure of Egunkaria (lodged on 20 February 2003) Ms Sandra White*

S1M-3932# Post Office Card Accounts (lodged on 20 February 2003) Mr Jamie McGrigor*, Ian Jenkins*

S1M-3929 Possible Military Action Against Iraq (lodged on 20 February 2003) Ms Sandra White*

S1M-3928 Anti-war Demonstration on 15 February 2003 (lodged on 20 February 2003) Ms Sandra White*

S1M-3926 Early Partial Immersion in French - Evaluation (lodged on 19 February 2003) Ms Sandra White*

S1M-3901 The Future of Football in Scotland (lodged on 13 February 2003) Mr Jamie McGrigor*

S1M-3830# Margo MacDonald: European Commission Directive on Food Supplements-That the Parliament notes that millions of people use food supplements and herbal remedies in the UK each year; regrets that the European Commission has published a directive on food supplements that will firstly reduce the numbers of supplements offered and secondly reduce the potency of those which remain, and, whilst noting Her Majesty's Government's assurances that such supplements will be treated as favourably as possible under UK law, considers that the Scottish Executive should do everything within its power to protect the right of consumers to continue to access the full range of supplements currently available.

Supported by: Phil Gallie, Christine Grahame, Donald Gorrie, Alex Neil, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, David McLetchie, Mr Adam Ingram, Mr Gil Paterson, Mr Lloyd Quinan, Murdo Fraser, Tommy Sheridan, Mr Brian Monteith, Bill Aitken, Pauline McNeill, Mr Jamie McGrigor, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Alex Fergusson, David Mundell, Mr Keith Harding, Bruce Crawford, Nicola Sturgeon, Shona Robison

S1M-3778 Ms Margaret Curran: Homelessness etc. (Scotland) Bill - Stage 3-That the Parliament agrees that the Homelessness etc. (Scotland) Bill be passed.

Supported by: Des McNulty

S1M-3691# Linda Fabiani: Scotland's Fair Trade Towns-That the Parliament congratulates the towns of Strathaven and Aberfeldy on becoming Scotland's first fair trade towns; recognises the vision of both South Lanarkshire and Perth and Kinross councils in this regard; commends the commitment of the respective fair trade groups in achieving this status, and notes that fair trade can be beneficial to both national and international suppliers and consumers. R

Supported by: Mr John Swinney, Michael Matheson, Mr Adam Ingram, Tommy Sheridan, Christine Grahame, Robert Brown, Fiona Hyslop, Donald Gorrie, Tricia Marwick, Alasdair Morgan, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Irene McGugan, Michael Russell, Richard Lochhead, Mr Michael McMahon, Colin Campbell, Fiona McLeod, Mr George Reid, Ms Sandra White, Bruce Crawford, Mr Keith Raffan, Roseanna Cunningham, Robin Harper, Mr Jamie Stone, Alex Neil, Cathy Peattie, Mr Kenneth Gibson, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Elaine Smith, Mr Andrew Welsh, Susan Deacon

S1M-3618 Michael Russell: Gaelic Language (Scotland) Bill - Stage 1-That the Parliament agrees to the general principles of the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Bill.

The member has provided the following translation:

Gu bheil a' Phàrlamaid a' toirt taic do phrionnsabalan coitcheann Bile Cànan na Gàidhlig (Alba).

Supported by: Fergus Ewing, John Farquhar Munro, Robin Harper, Dr Winnie Ewing, Irene McGugan, Mr Duncan Hamilton