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Business Bulletin No. 39/2003

Thursday 27 February 2003

Section C : Agendas of Committee Meetings


European Committee

4 March 2003

4th Meeting, 2003

The Committee will meet at 2.00 pm in Committee Room 2

1. Item in private: The Committee will consider whether to take Items 7 and 8 in private.

2. The Greek Presidency of the EU and the priorities of the Scottish Executive: The Committee will hear from—

Peter Peacock MSP, Deputy Minister for Finance and Central Services.

3. The Future of Europe: The Committee will consider the response of the Scottish Executive to its 6th Report, 2002.

4. Pre- and Post-European Council, Council of the EU, Joint Ministerial Committee and MINECOR Scrutiny: The Committee will consider the following agendas and briefings submitted by the Scottish Executive—

Pre-Council Briefing:

General Affairs and External Relations Council, 18-19 March

Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council, 27-28 March

Agriculture and Fisheries Council, 17-18 March

Post-Council Briefing:

Education, Youth and Culture Council, 6 February

Agriculture and Fisheries Council, 27-28 January

5. Convener's report: The Convener will update the Committee on the—

Informal meeting held with Mr Denis McShane MP, UK Minister for Europe, 14 February

Informal meeting held with Rt. Hon Peter Hain MP, UK Secretary of State for Wales and UK Government Representative on the European Convention, 20 February

Proposals to establish a Scottish Human Rights Commission

6. Sift of EC/EU documents: The Committee will consider the list of EC/EU documents received for this meeting.

7. Europe's Employment Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility: an Inquiry into the Scottish Model: The Committee will consider a draft report.

8. Annual report: The Committee will consider a draft of its annual report.