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Business Bulletin No. 28/2003

Wednesday 12 February 2003




Today's Business

Members may wish to note that Business Motion S1M-3892 will be put to the Chamber at 2.30 pm today which proposes to amend today's Business Programme. The Business Motion containing the proposed changes can be found in section A of today's Bulletin.

Mental Health (Scotland) Bill - Stage 2

On the eighth day of consideration of the Bill at Stage 2, the Health and Community Care Committee reached the end of section 99 of the Bill. The ninth day will take place on Tuesday 18 February. The Committee expects to conclude Stage 2 consideration on that day.

The order of consideration agreed by the Committee means that the following sections will be considered on the ninth day, Tuesday 18 February: sections 100 to 160, sections 213 to 226, sections 228 and 229, schedules 3 and 4, sections 230 and 231 and the long title.

The last day on which amendments may be lodged for the 9th Marshalled List is Friday 14 February. Amendments may be lodged until 4.30 pm on any sitting day, except on the last day when amendments may be lodged, when the deadline is 2.00 pm (Rule 9.10.2). Members should therefore lodge all remaining amendments to the Bill no later than 2.00 pm on Friday 14 February.

Amendments should be lodged with the clerks to the Committee, Jennifer Smart (Room 2.5 Committee Chambers, extn. 85210), Peter McGrath (Room 2.5 extn. 85224) and Graeme Elliott (Room 2.5 extn. 85247). The clerks should be consulted on the wording and admissibility of amendments.

Royal Assent

The Local Government in Scotland Act 2003 (asp 1) received Royal Assent on 11 February 2003