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Business Bulletin No. 23/2003

Wednesday 5 February 2003



Commissioner for Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill

Amendments for Stage 3 of the Commissioner for Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill may now be lodged with Martin Verity, (Room 2.7 Committee Chambers, extn. 85402), Susan Duffy (Room 2.7, extn. 85238) and Ian Cowan (Room 2.7, extn. 85222). The clerks should be consulted about the wording and admissibility of amendments.

The deadline for lodging Stage 3 amendments is three days before the Stage. Amendments may be lodged until 4.30 pm on any sitting day (or day of recess when the office of the Clerk is open). No date for Stage 3 has yet been set. Further details will be announced in the Business Bulletin in due course.