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Business Bulletin No. 21/2003

Monday 3 February 2003

Section A : Daily Business List


Meetings of Committees

All meetings take place in Committee Chambers, Edinburgh unless otherwise indicated.

National Galleries of Scotland Bill Committee

2nd Meeting, 2003

The Committee will meet at 2.30 pm in Committee Room 2

1. National Galleries of Scotland Bill: The Committee will consider written evidence and take oral evidence at Preliminary Stage from-

Mr Michael Clarke, Project Director, National Galleries of Scotland

Mr Scott Robertson, Project Adviser, National Galleries of Scotland

Dr Elaine Murray, Deputy Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport,

Mr Gavin Barrie, Sport, the Arts and Culture Division, Scottish Executive

Mr Martin Hulse, Director, The Cockburn Association

Mr Jim McKay, Acting Head of Culture and Leisure, City of Edinburgh Council

Ms Sally Dyer, Senior Surveyor, City of Edinburgh Council

Mr Richard Griffith, Director, Edinburgh World Heritage Trust

Mr Terrence Leventhal, Director, Scottish Civic Trust

Dr Seán O'Reilly, Director, Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland.

2. National Galleries of Scotland Bill: The Committee will consider whether to take its discussions on the draft Preliminary Stage report on the National Galleries of Scotland Bill in private at its next meeting.