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Business Bulletin No. 139/2002

Monday 30 September 2002

Section A : Daily Business List


Meetings of Committees

All meetings take place in Committee Chambers, Edinburgh unless otherwise indicated.

Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Committee

26th Meeting, 2002

The Committee will meet at 1.00 pm in Highlands and Islands Enterprise HQ, Cowan House, Inverness Retail and Business Park, Inverness

1. Inquiry into tourism: The Committee will take evidence from—

Peter Lederer (Chairman), Phillip Riddle (Chief Executive) and Malcolm Roughead (Director of Marketing), VisitScotland

David Quarmby (Executive), Tom Wright (Chief Executive) and Bernard Donoghue (Government and Parliamentary Affairs Manager), British Tourist Authority

Bob Kass, (Head of Key Industries) and Grant Sword (Board Member), Highlands and Islands Enterprise, and Eddie Brogan (Head of Tourism) and Ed Gillespie (Senior Director – Operations), Scottish Enterprise.