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Business Bulletin No. 52/2002

Tuesday 26 March 2002

Section G: Bills: Notices and Amendments


New amendments to Bills lodged on 25 March 2002

Scottish Qualifications Authority Bill – Stage 2

Section 1

Cathy Jamieson

Supported by: Nicol Stephen

1 In section 1, page 1, line 25, at end insert <and after "allowances" there is inserted "and expenses">

Cathy Jamieson

Supported by: Nicol Stephen

2 In section 1, page 2, line 3, at end insert—

<(9) In paragraph 11(4) (relationship between members and matters for purposes of avoidance of conflicts of interest) of that Schedule, for sub-sub-paragraphs (b) and (c) there is substituted "; and

(b) each member (including the chairman) in relation to his remuneration, allowances, expenses, re-appointment or the appointment of his successor.">

Section 3

Cathy Jamieson

Supported by: Nicol Stephen

3 In section 3, page 3, line 2, after <allowances> insert <and expenses>