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Business Bulletin No. 52/2002

Tuesday 26 March 2002

Section F : Motions and Amendments


A full list of outstanding motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site as Outstanding Motions. Each Monday the full text of all motions lodged the previous week will appear in the Business Bulletin together with motions previously lodged that are due to be debated that week.


Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#)

*S1M-2941 Mike Watson: Debate on Tourism—That the Parliament welcomes the progress that has been made by the Scottish Executive in implementing A New Strategy for Scottish Tourism since its publication in 2000 and commends the Tourism Framework for Action 2002-05 as the way to build on this and achieve a tourism industry that is internationally competitive and which creates jobs and wealth for the people of Scotland.

Supported by: Dr Elaine Murray*

*S1M-2940 Patricia Ferguson: Size of the Scottish Parliament—That the Parliament notes Her Majesty’s Government’s consultation paper on the size of the Scottish Parliament; acknowledges the positive progress made by the Parliament and its committees, and considers that the number of elected representatives should remain at 129.

Supported by: Euan Robson*

*S1M-2939 John Farquhar Munro: Inverness and the Highlands’ Bid to be the European Capital of Culture 2008—That the Parliament wholeheartedly endorses Inverness and the Highlands’ bid to become the European Capital of Culture 2008 as Scotland’s only contender for the event; recognises the significant economic benefits that a successful bid could bring to the city, the rest of the Highlands and Scotland as a whole, including its potential to create a major increase in tourist spending and new temporary and permanent jobs; notes Inverness’s recently awarded city status; urges organisations and individuals throughout the Highlands to submit ideas and suggestions to Invernesshighland2008 to support and strengthen the bid; welcomes the 100,000 contributions each from the Scottish Executive, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Highland Council to the campaign, and urges the Scottish Executive to continue its active support for the bid.

*S1M-2938 Jackie Baillie: Naval Defence Review and Faslane and Coulport Naval Dockyards—That the Parliament notes with regret the announcement by Geoff Hoon MP, Secretary of State for Defence, of the outcome of the naval defence review and his failure to give adequate consideration to representations from trade unions and elected parliamentarians; recognises that the trade unions, whose agreement to changes in conditions at the Faslane and Coulport naval dockyards in previous years has been hailed as a model in industrial relations, proposed further in-house efficiencies and proposed "through life" maintenance plans which would team the repair yards with the companies that build Royal Navy ships in long term maintenance deals but would appear now to have been rejected; further notes that in addition to the privatisation of cleaning, catering and maintenance staff, there will be the possibility of redundancies across the UK with a significant proportion of these anticipated at the Faslane and Coulport dockyards; further recognises that this level of job loss will have a critical effect on the local economy as well as a significant negative impact on the individual employees and their families, the majority of which reside in the Dumbarton parliamentary constituency where employment at the dockyards accounts for approximately one quarter of the full-time employment in the area; is concerned that the area already has one of the highest levels of unemployment in Scotland and that the scale of the job loss will be devastating, and therefore calls on the Scottish Executive to take action to mitigate these job losses by providing significant additional financial support for the re-training and re-skilling of those affected, to work closely with the Ministry of Defence to maximise redeployment and to establish a job creation programme for the area and to consider extending the Clyde Corridor initiative to include all areas from Bowling, through Dumbarton and up to Garelochhead in order to assist in the economic regeneration of the area.

*S1M-2937 Ms Wendy Alexander: The Draft Bus User Complaints Tribunal Regulations 2002—That the Transport and the Environment Committee, in consideration of the draft Bus user Complaints Tribunal Regulations 2002, recommends that the Regulations be approved.

Supported by: Lewis Macdonald*

*S1M-2936 Kay Ullrich: Dungavel Detention Centre—That the Parliament notes with concern reports on the conditions in which asylum seekers are being held at the Dungavel Detention Centre, including references made to a lack of privacy and freedom of movement, effectively creating a prison environment for the people, including young children, who are guilty of no offence; further notes with concern the reported suicide attempt at Dungavel of the Nigerian asylum seeker, Mr Dotun Adeosun, and calls on the Scottish Executive to liase with the Home Office and to encourage Her Majesty’s Government to accede to requests by human rights groups, such as the Friends of Refugees in Ayrshire, to have wider access to visit and meet asylum seekers at the centre and to provide them with support and to inspect the conditions in which detainees there are held.

*S1M-2935 Pauline McNeill: Colourfest 2002—That the Parliament welcomes the announcement that Scotland’s biggest dance music festival, Colourfest 2002, is to be held in Glasgow on 2 June 2002 with Radio One, Clyde 1 and world class DJs and performers from around the UK and Europe bringing 10,000 young people to the city venue.

S1M-2933 Alain Baxter (lodged on 21 March 2002) Brian Adam*, Bruce Crawford*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Phil Gallie*, Christine Grahame*, Kate Maclean*, Linda Fabiani*, Margaret Smith*, Michael Matheson*, Bill Aitken*

S1M-2932 World Association of Flower Arrangers (lodged on 21 March 2002) Linda Fabiani*

S1M-2931# Parkinson's Awareness Week (lodged on 21 March 2002) Linda Fabiani*, Michael Matheson*

S1M-2930 Inverness Air Links - Public Service Obligation (lodged on 20 March 2002) Mr Adam Ingram*, Mr Lloyd Quinan*, Mr Gil Paterson*, Linda Fabiani*, Mrs Margaret Ewing*

S1M-2925 Ethical Threads (lodged on 20 March 2002) Linda Fabiani*

S1M-2914.1 GM Crop Trials (lodged on 18 March 2002) Mr Adam Ingram*, Mr Lloyd Quinan*, Mr Gil Paterson*, Linda Fabiani*

S1M-2905# Market Opening of Postal Services in Scotland (lodged on 14 March 2002) Linda Fabiani*

S1M-2888# End-of-Life Refrigerators and Freezers (lodged on 12 March 2002) Linda Fabiani*

S1M-2887# GM Trials, Newport (lodged on 12 March 2002) Linda Fabiani*

S1M-2885# Hamish Henderson (lodged on 12 March 2002) Linda Fabiani*

S1M-2879 Sportscotland Relocation to North Ayrshire (lodged on 12 March 2002) Linda Fabiani*

S1M-2852# 10th Anniversary of Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (lodged on 6 March 2002) Dennis Canavan*