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Business Bulletin No. 51/2002

Monday 25 March 2002

Section A : Daily Business List


Meetings of Committees

All meetings take place in Committee Chambers, Edinburgh unless otherwise indicated.

Transport and the Environment Committee

10th Meeting, 2002

The Committee will meet at 1.45 pm in the Corran Halls, Oban

1. Aquaculture Inquiry (in private): The Committee will consider possible areas of questioning for witnesses on its inquiry into aquaculture.

2. Aquaculture Inquiry: The Committee will take evidence as part of its inquiry into aquaculture from—

Lord Jamie Lindsay and Dr Graeme Dear, Scottish Quality Salmon

Dr Richard Slaski, British Marine Finfish Association

Dennis Overton, Aquascot

Doug McLeod, Association of Scottish Shellfish Growers

Douglas MacDiarmid and Iain Sutherland, Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Malcolm Gillespie, Seafish Industry Authority

Professor Randolph Richards

Dr Dick Shelton

Dr Kenneth Black