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Business Bulletin No. 41/2002

Monday 11 March 2002

Section F : Motions and Amendments


A full list of outstanding motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site as Outstanding Motions. The full text of all motions lodged the previous week will appear in the Business Bulletin the following Monday.


Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#)

*S1M-2873 Linda Fabiani: Women's Welfare in Afghanistan—That the Parliament supports the call of the European Free Alliance Women’s Network, made in Barcelona on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2002, for regional Parliaments and Assemblies, European Community Member States’ Parliaments, the European Parliament and the United Nations to address the problem of funding the Ministry of Women’s Affairs in Afghanistan which is absolutely necessary to ensure that women’s welfare is not forgotten in Afghanistan in the future.

Supported by: Fiona Hyslop*, Andrew Wilson*, Colin Campbell*, Richard Lochhead*, Mr Duncan Hamilton*, Tricia Marwick*, Michael Matheson*, Fiona McLeod*, Bruce Crawford*, Mr Kenny MacAskill*, Ms Sandra White*, Roseanna Cunningham*, Mr Gil Paterson*, Mr Adam Ingram*, Mr Lloyd Quinan*

*S1M-2872 Mr Duncan Hamilton: Official Visitors from the National Assemblies of Serbia and Montenegro —That the Parliament welcomes the visit by Natasa Micic, President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, Gordana Comic, Vice-President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and Vesna Perovic, President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Montenegro; notes the potential for future partnership between the peoples and legislatures of Serbia, Montenegro and Scotland, and urges the Scottish Executive and all members of the Parliament to embrace our international responsibility to foster democracy and co-operation.

*S1M-2871 Tommy Sheridan: ScotRail—That the Parliament calls on the Scottish Executive to bring ScotRail into public ownership and pay railway staff a decent wage comparable to train drivers in England; notes that ScotRail is to receive a further subsidy of 34 million a year, and believes that this public subsidy should be reflected in public ownership and control.

*S1M-2870 Mr Andy Kerr: The Draft Electricity Lands and Generators (Rateable Values) (Scotland) Variation Order 2002—That the Local Government Committee, in consideration of the draft Electricity Lands and Generators (Rateable Values) (Scotland) Variation Order 2002, recommends that the order be approved.

*S1M-2869 Mr Andy Kerr: The Draft Water Undertakings (Rateable Values) (Scotland) Variation Order 2002—That the Local Government Committee, in consideration of the draft Water Undertakings (Rateable Values) (Scotland) Variation Order 2002, recommends that the Order be approved.

*S1M-2868 Christine Grahame on behalf of the Justice 1 Committee: Justice 1 Committee's 8th Report 2001: Report on Legal Aid Inquiry—That the Parliament notes the 8th Report, 2001 of the Justice 1 Committee, Report on Legal Aid Inquiry (SP Paper 437) and further notes that the Committee intends to publish a final report on legal aid in due course.

*S1M-2867 Mr Andrew Welsh: Bagpipe Tuition in Schools—That the Parliament congratulates Angus Council on its initiative to provide bagpipe lessons in schools as part of its musical instrument tuition; notes that pupils at Arbroath High School and Arbroath Academy have the opportunity to take up piping and chanter lessons; understands the importance of encouraging youngsters to take up traditional instruments, and believes that other local authorities should follow the example set by Angus Council and other Scottish councils in promoting bagpiping in schools.

Supported by: Irene McGugan*, Michael Russell*

*S1M-2866 Mr Kenneth Macintosh on behalf of the Procedures Committee: Procedures Committee's 2nd Report 2002: Substitution on Committees of the Scottish Parliament—That the Parliament (a) approves the recommendations of the Procedures Committee’s 2nd Report 2002, Substitution on Committees of the Scottish Parliament (SP Paper 530) and agrees to amend the Parliament’s Standing Orders in accordance with Annex A to the Report and (b) agrees that these amendments to the Standing Orders should come into force on 15 March 2002.

Supported by: Mr Gil Paterson*

*S1M-2865 Robin Harper: Appeal for Colombian Green Presidential Candidate Ingrid Betancourt—That the Parliament notes with concern the recent abduction and kidnapping in Colombia of Ingrid Betancourt, Presidential candidate and Leader of the Colombian Green Party (Partido Verde Oxigeno), together with her campaign manager Clara Rojas; recognises that, despite threats to her life, Ingrid Betancourt has been a brave champion of peace and democracy in her troubled country; expresses concern that the two women remain in captivity and that fears for their safety are growing, and requests that Her Majesty’s Government make the strongest possible representations to the Colombian Government that they do everything in their power to secure the safe release of the two women as a matter of urgency.

Supported by: Ms Sandra White*, Dorothy-Grace Elder*, Mr Lloyd Quinan*, Mr Kenny MacAskill*

*S1M-2864 Mr Brian Monteith: Oor Wullie's 66 years in The Sunday Post—That the Parliament applauds The Sunday Post for continuing to cover the adventures of Scots comic strip hero Oor Wullie, 3,400 episodes and 66 years after he first appeared in the newspaper on 8 March 1936; thanks Dudley D Watkins for his inspiration and creativity in introducing Oor Wullie and other notable characters to our lives, and congratulates Oor Wullie on his birthday on becoming 66 years young and for his entertaining contribution to Scots culture and steadfast work in preserving Scots language for young and old alike.

*S1M-2863 Dennis Canavan: Elections in Zimbabwe—That the Parliament, recognising the successful struggle of the people of Zimbabwe to win independence, expresses solidarity with them in the current crisis and calls on the Zimbabwean authorities to do everything in their power to ensure free and fair elections and respect for human rights.

Supported by: Brian Adam*, Mr John McAllion*, Elaine Smith*, Andrew Wilson*, Mr David Davidson*, Mr Jamie Stone*, Tommy Sheridan*, Robin Harper*, Tavish Scott*, Stewart Stevenson*, Jackie Baillie*, Pauline McNeill*, Fiona McLeod*, Ms Sandra White*, Mr Duncan Hamilton*

S1M-2862 Patricia Ferguson on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau: Deputy Convenership of Committees—That the Parliament agrees that the deputy Convener of the Scottish Parliamentary Standards Commissioner Bill Committee be appointed from the Labour Party.

Supported by: Euan Robson

S1M-2861 Mr Gil Paterson: School Repairs Fund—That the Parliament notes the considerable outstanding repair bill faced by Scottish schools; notes that in some cases schools have been allowed to fall into an unacceptable state of disrepair, simply because local authorities cannot afford the necessary investment for improvement; draws attention to Greenhill Primary School in Coatbridge as an example of a school whose major repair requirements have provoked a crisis, and calls on the Executive to provide an emergency fund so that councils are able to bring schools up to a decent standard so that our children are taught in safe and comfortable surroundings.

S1M-2860 Tommy Sheridan: Henry McLeish's Constituency Office—That the Parliament notes with concern the press reports on the latest revelations concerning Henry McLeish’s constituency office; calls for a full publication by Fife Council of their report and for an independent inquiry into this scandal; further calls for the resignation of Henry McLeish as an MSP while he draws a high pension of 34,000 a year for 13 months’ work as First Minister, and calls for an investigation into the awarding of this pension while hundreds of thousands of pensioners barely survive on less than 10,000 per year after a lifetime of work.

S1M-2859 Mr Gil Paterson: Eurostar: A Return for our Money—That the Parliament notes with disappointment the Strategic Rail Authority’s failure to secure a link from Scotland to the continent within its current ten year plan, despite a Court of Session ruling three years ago, and calls on the Executive to support Strathclyde Passenger Transport in securing this link as soon as possible to pass on some of the benefit currently enjoyed by the south east of England, particularly considering that Scotland has paid its fair share toward this project but has received no benefit in return.

S1M-2858 John Scott: Ayr Scottish Eagles—That the Parliament congratulates the players, staff and supporters of Ayr Scottish Eagles, Scotland’s only superleague ice hockey team, on their victory in the Blue Challenge cup final; further congratulates the team on its second place finish in the Sekonda Ice Hockey Superleague and resultant qualification for European competition next season and wishes the team every success in the forthcoming play-off competition; recognises the popularity of ice hockey as a spectator sport in Scotland, and calls on SportScotland to afford a higher priority to the sport in order that clubs may develop the wealth of young talent in the country with a view to participation in future Winter Olympic Games.

Supported by: Mr Brian Monteith

S1M-2857# John Scott: Importation of Putrescible Waste to Scottish Landfill Sites—That the Parliament recognises the rights of landfill site operators to use their sites as licensed, but nonetheless notes with concern the intention of some local authorities in Northern Ireland to use Scottish landfill sites for dumping their putrescible waste, and further recognises that in the long term this is likely to impact adversely on Scottish council tax payers, as Scottish landfill resources are used up by non-Scottish local authorities using Scotland as their dumping ground.

S1M-2856 Mr Gil Paterson: Don't Kill Safiyat Hussain—That the Parliament calls for the quashing of the death sentence by stoning passed by a Shariah Court in Gwadabawa, Sokoto State, Nigeria on Mrs Safiyat Hussain, a 35-year-old woman and nursing mother, for allegedly committing adultery; notes that this decision will be appealed on 18 March 2002 and that Safiyat Hussain’s defence is that she was raped by a man in her village, that he was acquitted as there was no witnesses to the alleged assault, yet she was found guilty as she was pregnant; believes that Safiyat Hussain should be freed, and calls for her immediate acquittal and freedom.

Supported by: Mr Adam Ingram, Mr Lloyd Quinan, Tommy Sheridan

S1M-2855 Mr Jim Wallace: Freedom of Information (Scotland) Bill - Stage 3—That the Parliament agrees that the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Bill be passed.

Supported by: Dr Richard Simpson

S1M-2854 Phil Gallie: Ayr United Football Club—That the Parliament notes that there is no truth in the suggestion that Ayr United Football Club has taken up a lease of Hampden Park given the amount of time spent there these days and urges the Scottish Executive to make a swift and positive decision on the Ayr United football stadium planning application so that Ayr can compete for a place in the Scottish Premier League.

Supported by: John Scott, Michael Matheson, Christine Grahame, Mary Scanlon, Mr Brian Monteith, John Young, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Mr Keith Harding, Bill Aitken, David McLetchie, Murdo Fraser, Alex Johnstone, Mr Adam Ingram, Alex Fergusson, Miss Annabel Goldie, Mr David Davidson, Mr Jamie McGrigor, Kay Ullrich*

S1M-2853 Mr Andy Kerr: Scottish Public Services Ombudsman Bill—That the Parliament agrees that the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman Bill be passed.

Supported by: Peter Peacock

S1M-2852# Susan Deacon: 10th Anniversary of Children’s Hospice Association Scotland—That the Parliament congratulates the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) on its 10th anniversary; pays tribute to the excellent work carried out by staff at the children’s hospice, Rachel House, in providing care and support for terminally ill children and their families from across Scotland; notes that the development of a second children’s hospice is currently underway; recognises the efforts of the many individuals and organisations who have contributed to the development of this project, and considers that the Scottish Executive should work in partnership with CHAS, NHS boards, local authorities and the Scottish Partnership Agency for Palliative and Cancer Care to ensure that these services are supported effectively.

Supported by: Mr Murray Tosh, Mr John McAllion, Tricia Marwick, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Margaret Jamieson, Janis Hughes, Trish Godman, Mr Kenneth Gibson, Cathie Craigie, Bill Butler, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Jackie Baillie, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Maureen Macmillan, Fiona McLeod, Rhoda Grant, Sarah Boyack, Mr Keith Harding, Mr Brian Monteith, Roseanna Cunningham, Robert Brown, Ms Sandra White, Mary Scanlon, David Mundell, Brian Fitzpatrick, Robin Harper, Michael Matheson, Johann Lamont, Helen Eadie, Murdo Fraser, Karen Whitefield, Mr Jamie Stone, Mr Michael McMahon, Christine Grahame, Mrs Lyndsay McIntosh*

S1M-2851# Ian Jenkins: Scottish Borders Council Leadership—That the Parliament welcomes changes in the leadership of Scottish Borders Council, which will offer the council an opportunity for a fresh start; notes with concern the Council’s continuing budgetary difficulties and threatened cuts in services, and believes that Ministers should meet representatives of the council with a view to maintaining services, with particular regard to education, voluntary services and key community facilities.

Supported by: Robert Brown, Iain Smith

S1M-2851.1 Christine Grahame: Scottish Borders Council Leadership—As an amendment to motion (S1M-2851) in the name of Ian Jenkins, insert at end "and congratulates the Liberal Democrats on at long last calling for the resignation of the council leader and adopting the SNP position of seeking the help of the Scottish Executive coalition ministers, help which should involve funding to prevent the savaging of frontline services often to the most vulnerable in the community."

Supported by: Michael Russell, Mr Adam Ingram

S1M-2849# Sarah Boyack: Ageism—That the Parliament notes research findings by Help the Aged indicating that over 50% of Scots in the 65-74 age group feel that the country treated older people as if they were "on the scrap heap" and "a burden to society"; believes that such treatment is unacceptable and perpetuates ageism in society, which can be seen in both deliberate and inadvertent discrimination in the attitudes of both public and private sector organisations, allied to continued media stereotyping of older people, and therefore considers that the Scottish Executive should identify and address areas of age discrimination in Scottish public life so that older people feel valued and can make a full and positive contribution to society.

Supported by: Trish Godman, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Roseanna Cunningham, Robert Brown, Ms Sandra White, Jackie Baillie, Brian Fitzpatrick, Pauline McNeill, Maureen Macmillan, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Robin Harper, Mr Lloyd Quinan, Elaine Thomson, Mr Michael McMahon, Margaret Jamieson, Helen Eadie, Johann Lamont, Mr John McAllion, Mr Murray Tosh, Karen Whitefield, Mr Jamie Stone, Mrs Lyndsay McIntosh*, Nora Radcliffe*, Cathie Craigie*

S1M-2848# Cathie Craigie: Deafblind People in Scotland—That the Parliament notes that there are 750 known deafblind people in Scotland, but that Deafblind Scotland and Sense Scotland estimate that the total figure is more likely to be around 2,500; further notes the introduction of guidance under section 7 of the Local Authorities and Social Services Act 1970 on 9 March 2001 in England and Wales, which requires local authorities to be pro-active in their efforts to serve deafblind people and, in particular, to (a) identify and record the number of deafblind people in their area, (b) ensure that an assessment of their needs is carried out, (c) ensure that appropriate services are provided for deafblind people, (d) ensure access to specially trained one-to-one support workers, (e) provide information in formats accessible to deafblind people and (f) ensure that deafblind issues are included as part of one senior manager's responsibilities; recognises that this has represented a major breakthrough for deafblind people in England and Wales, and considers that the Scottish Executive should examine the current provision of services for deafblind people in Scotland and look into ways of introducing similar provision in Scotland

Supported by: Robin Harper, Mr Jamie Stone

S1M-2846# Margaret Smith: West Edinburgh Transport Links—That the Parliament welcomes the Scottish Executive’s commitment to tackling the traffic problems of West Edinburgh; recognises the strategic significance of this area for the whole of Scotland and its economy; notes the importance of the proposed new National Planning Policy Guideline in balancing transport, economic and environmental requirements while ensuring the continued protection of the green belt, and, in particular, acknowledges the need for transport infrastructure to keep pace with economic growth in the capital.

Supported by: Mr Jamie Stone

S1M-2844# Robert Brown: Scottish Sub-Post Offices - "Your Guide"—That the Parliament acknowledges the importance of the role that sub-post offices play in Scottish communities, particularly in rural areas and deprived urban areas; recognises the potential financial consequences for sub-post offices in Scotland of the UK-wide Automated Credit Transfer system for the payment of benefits; notes that "Your Guide" is a comprehensive information service currently being evaluated for sub-post offices in England and Wales; further notes that such a service includes Government General Practitioner and Internet Learning Access Point initiatives, both of which provide members of the public with the ability to interact with departments of Her Majesty’s Government and gain government information in an accessible way; further recognises the potential benefits that such a service could provide in Scotland, in terms of improving openness and public participation with government, as well as potentially providing a timely boost to business levels for sub-post offices at a time when the network is having difficulty in sustaining such levels, and considers that the Scottish Executive should pilot such a scheme in Scotland, with a view to rolling out the service across the country as soon as possible.

Supported by: Fiona McLeod, Mr John McAllion, Helen Eadie, Mr Keith Raffan, Nora Radcliffe, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Robin Harper, Mr Brian Monteith, Iain Smith, Mr Murray Tosh, Mr Jamie Stone, Mrs Margaret Ewing

S1M-2843 Brian Adam: Family History Tourism Development—That the Parliament recognises the enormous potential of family history research to Scottish tourism; welcomes the magnificent reaction to VisitScotland’s recent genealogy tourism marketing initiative, and calls on the Scottish Executive to ensure that the anticipation created by these efforts will be satisfied with subsequent skills, training and product development, with particular emphasis on the development of a programme of formal qualifications.

S1M-2837 Shona Robison: Support for Max Jimmy—That the Parliament acknowledges Max Jimmy as a former journalist for Unity Now from Sierra Leone who is claiming asylum in the UK; recognises his need for National Asylum Support Service (NASS) support whilst he awaits a decision on his asylum claim; is concerned that without vital subsistence support from the NASS he is threatened with destitution and is only managing at present owing to the goodwill of Sierra Leonean friends and small donations from press freedom organisations, and urges the Home Office to reconsider its decision not to provide Max Jimmy with the essential, basic support he needs, while awaiting a decision on his asylum claim.

Supported by: Michael Russell, Robin Harper, Michael Matheson

S1M-2836 Murdo Fraser: Programme for Upgrading the A9 to Dual Carriageway Status—That the Parliament notes with concern the number of fatal accidents on the A9 trunk road between Inverness and Perth; believes that the configuration of the road, with a mixture of single and dual carriageway, contributes to the accident rate, and calls upon the Scottish Executive to publish a programme for upgrading the A9 to dual carriageway status for its entirety between Perth and Inverness.

Supported by: Mr Brian Monteith, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Mrs Lyndsay McIntosh*

S1M-2835 Mr Adam Ingram: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder—That the Parliament notes with concern the rise in the number of children being prescribed methylphenidates, in particular Ritalin, for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; further notes the lack of impartial research into both the use of such drugs in controlling children and the diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and supports the immediate setting up of an independent research project into attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as a diagnosis and the use of methylphenidates in treatment.

Supported by: Michael Russell, Roseanna Cunningham, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Fergus Ewing, Mr Kenneth Gibson, Christine Grahame, Fiona McLeod, Stewart Stevenson, Robin Harper, Mary Scanlon, Michael Matheson, Robert Brown, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Colin Campbell*

S1M-2834 Susan Deacon: Tunes of Glory Piping Parade—That the Parliament congratulates the City of Edinburgh Council on its support and promotion, together with Scottish Power and VisitScotland, of the Tunes of Glory Piping Parade being organised by Epic Concepts in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care and Gilda’s Club Worldwide; notes that pipe bands from all over Scotland will participate in the parade, to be held in New York on Tartan Day, 6 April 2002, and further notes that the parade will provide an excellent opportunity to celebrate the historical and present day links that Scots and Americans share and will also provide a valuable opportunity to demonstrate our solidarity with the people of New York following the atrocities of 11 September 2001.

Supported by: Michael Russell, Sarah Boyack, Mary Scanlon, Robin Harper, Mr Jamie Stone

S1M-2828 Brian Adam: Aberdeen International Air Links—That the Parliament welcomes the forthcoming start of the Aberdeen-Dublin air link; congratulates Ryanair and the airport authorities for achieving this without government support; looks forward to further successful developments from the new partnership, and calls on the Scottish Executive to be more actively involved in promoting Scotland’s international air links by all possible means, including route development funding.

Supported by: Stewart Stevenson, Alex Neil, Michael Matheson, Michael Russell, Tommy Sheridan

S1M-2827 Trish Godman: Braille Information on ID Cards—That the Parliament commends the decision taken by the Council for Registered Gas Installers (CORGI) to introduce Braille information on the ID cards carried by all CORGI registered installers; notes that this initiative has the approval and support of the Royal National Institute for the Blind; believes that it provides assurance to visually impaired consumers of such services, and urges other organisations whose representatives and technicians call upon domestic consumers to follow this excellent example of service to consumers.

Supported by: Alex Neil, Michael Matheson, Bill Butler, Michael Russell, Tommy Sheridan, Mr Keith Raffan, Irene McGugan, Rhoda Grant, Sarah Boyack, Mr Kenneth Gibson, Mr Keith Harding, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Maureen Macmillan, Stewart Stevenson, Brian Adam, Jackie Baillie, Brian Fitzpatrick, Roseanna Cunningham, Robert Brown, Iain Smith, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Johann Lamont, Robin Harper, Mr Murray Tosh, Mr Jamie Stone, Elaine Thomson, Margaret Jamieson, Helen Eadie, Phil Gallie, Janis Hughes, Karen Whitefield, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Mr John McAllion, Mrs Lyndsay McIntosh*, Cathie Craigie*, Colin Campbell*

S1M-2826 Christine Grahame: Coalition Underspend—That the Parliament notes that the Minister for Finance and Public Services in a letter of 25 February 2002 to the COSLA Finance spokesman identified 200 million as the "true" End Year Flexibility for the year 2001-02; requests that these monies be immediately distributed, in particular to hard-pressed local authorities, including Scottish Borders Council who require some 3-4 million to avoid swingeing cuts to services, cuts which will impact on the most vulnerable; further notes that the Minister states that, "I fully understand that there are areas in government where additional monies that might be a direct benefit to the people of Scotland could be spent quickly"; identifies the crisis in the Borders as just one such instance, and therefore calls upon the Minister for Finance and Public Services to take the appropriate steps now.

Supported by: Michael Russell, Alex Neil, Ms Margo MacDonald, Ms Sandra White, Mr Adam Ingram, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Irene McGugan, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Brian Adam, Stewart Stevenson, Michael Matheson, Tommy Sheridan, Colin Campbell, Robin Harper

S1M-2825# Pauline McNeill: Shipbuilding on the Clyde—That the Parliament welcomes the blueprint for the long-term future for shipbuilding on the Clyde announced on 4 February 2002, as set out in the report of the Clyde Shipyards Task Force and, in particular, the re-training agreement with Transco for those who will be made redundant to fill a skills shortage for gas central heating installers and gas operatives; notes that the recommendations in the report, if implemented, will ensure that the shipbuilding industry has the skills and infrastructure in place to compete successfully for work coming on stream over the next 10 years; further notes the planned 75 million investment in the Clyde shipyards by BAE Systems, and believes that the Scottish Executive should continue working with the Task Force, the Scotland Office, employers and trade unions to ensure the co-ordination of short- and long-term measures to protect skills and jobs on the Clyde.

Supported by: Bill Butler, Tommy Sheridan, Mr Jamie Stone

S1M-2824 Alex Neil: Separate Scottish Results for UK Euro Referendum—That the Parliament calls upon the Scottish Executive to make representations to Her Majesty’s Government to ensure that there will be a separate Scottish result declared for any UK-wide referendum on membership of the euro.

Supported by: Stewart Stevenson, Michael Russell, Tommy Sheridan

S1M-2823# Pauline McNeill: Planning and Accountability—That the Parliament acknowledges that planning is an issue of exceptional concern to the public and that planning proposals often arouse great interest and political activity amongst local residents affected by the outcome of any proposals; welcomes the improvements made by the Scottish Executive in opening up the planning system and providing more information to the public and acknowledges the on-going reviews that will hopefully continue this process; believes that MSPs have a particular role to play in representing constituents and holding Scottish Ministers to account, and therefore considers that the Planning Divisions in the Scottish Executive Development Department should directly inform MSPs when they receive referrals on planning proposals from within MSPs’ constituencies or regional list areas.

Supported by: Bill Butler, Sarah Boyack, Tommy Sheridan, Mr Keith Raffan, Mr Jamie Stone

S1M-2803 Fair Trade Fortnight (lodged on 27 February 2002) Jackie Baillie*

S1M-2788# The Tourism Industry (lodged on 26 February 2002) Jackie Baillie*