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Business Bulletin No. 154/2001

Tuesday 30 October 2001

Section J: Parliamentary Bureau: Note of Decisions


PB/note/ 16/2001



Presiding Officer - Sir David Steel (in the chair)

Deputy Presiding Officer - Patricia Ferguson

Deputy Presiding Officer - George Reid

Labour Party Business Manager - Tom McCabe

Scottish National Party Business Manager - Fiona Hyslop

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

Business Manager - Alex Johnstone

Liberal Democrat Party Business Manager - Euan Robson

  1. Future Business Programme
  2. It was agreed to recommend to the Parliament future business, including Designations of Lead Committee and Approvals of SSIs as detailed in motions S1M-2348 to S1M-2352 (for text of motions see Section F of the Business Bulletin for 24 October 2001).

  3. Referral of Bills
  4. It was agreed to recommend to the Parliament that the Fur Farming (Prohibition) (Scotland) Bill be referred to the Rural Development Committee as lead committee and the Justice 1 Committee and Justice 2 Committee as secondary committees. The Bill was also referred to the Subordinate Legislation Committee under Rule 9.6.2.

    A vote was taken on a motion that a recommendation should be made to the Parliament that the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Bill be referred to the Justice 1 Committee as lead committee and the Justice 2 Committee as the secondary committee. The motion was passed as follows: For - 90, Against - 35.

  5. Timetabling of Bills
  6. It was agreed to recommend to Parliament that Stage 1 of the School Education (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill be completed by 9 November 2001; that Stage 1 of the Sexual Offences (Procedure and Evidence) (Scotland) Bill and Stage 1 of the Scottish Local Government (Elections) Bill be completed by 23 November 2001 and that Stage 1 of the Water Industry (Scotland) Bill be completed by 7 December 2001.

  7. Transport and the Environment Committee: Request to Meet in Aberdeen
  8. The Committee's request to hold a meeting in Aberdeen on 9 November 2001 to take evidence during its consideration of the Water Industry (Scotland) Bill was approved.

  9. Education, Culture and Sport Committee: Request to Appoint Advisers

The Committee's request to appoint four advisers to assist in preparation for its forthcoming inquiry into the purpose of education in Scotland was approved.

Ken Hughes

Clerk to the Parliamentary Bureau

23 October 2001