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Business Bulletin No. 123/2001

Wednesday 5 September 2001



Erskine Bridge Tolls Bill - amendments

Members should be aware of the following arrangements for lodging amendments to the Erskine Bridge Tolls Bill that will apply in the event that motion S1M-2162 to take the Bill as an Emergency Bill (as shown in Section F of this Business Bulletin) is agreed to on Thursday morning.

Under Rule 9.7.5, Stage 2 amendments cannot be lodged until the completion of Stage 1. Under the revised programme proposed in Business Motion S1M-2169, this will be no later than 11.30 am on Thursday. A consequence of motion S1M-2170 to suspend various Standing Orders for the purposes of the Bill is that amendments may not be lodged or moved at Stage 3. (Both motions will be taken today and appear in Section A of this Bulletin.)

In order to give members maximum opportunity to consider in advance of Stage 2 any amendments proposed for that Stage, any proposed amendments submitted today will be printed in Thursday’s Business Bulletin. Members are reminded that any such proposed amendments will still require to be lodged on Thursday before they may be moved at Stage 2.

Members are advised to submit any proposed amendments between 9 am and 4.30 pm today to the clerks in the Legislation Team in room 3.5 Committee Chambers: Andrew Mylne (ext 85206), David McGill (ext 85235) and Sarah Robertson (ext 85253). The clerks will advise on the wording and admissibility of amendments.

Presiding Officer’s Duties

The Presiding Officer had an audience with Her Majesty the Queen at Holyrood Palace on 2nd July when he briefed her on the second years’ work of the Parliament.

Deputy Presiding Officer George Reid represented the Parliament at the opening of the Tynwald, Isle of Man on 5 July.

European Committee

Members may wish to be aware that following discussions with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, SPICe will now receive a set of the Briefing Papers produced primarily for MEPs covering the views of the UK Government on proposals for EC/EU legislation. These are now being made available to all MSPs and parliamentary staff. Copies can be obtained on the SPICe page of the Parliament’s intranet.