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Friday 16 March 2001





Royal Assent

The Budget (Scotland) Act 2001 (asp 4) received Royal Assent on 15 March 2001.

Housing (Scotland) Bill

Amendments to be considered at Stage 2 of the Housing (Scotland) Bill may now be lodged with the Lee Bridges, Clerk to the Social Justice Committee (Room G11, Committee Chambers, extn 85211), Mary Dinsdale, Senior Assistant Clerk (Room G11, extn 85244), or Rodger Evans, Assistant Clerk (Room G7, extn 85249). Clerks should be consulted about the wording and admissibility of amendments. Members should refer to Rule 17.4 for instructions on how amendments may be lodged.

The deadline for lodging Stage 2 amendments is 2 sitting days before each day of proceedings at that stage (Rule 9.10.2). Hence the deadline for a Wednesday committee meeting is 5.30 pm on the Monday before the meeting. The date of the first Stage 2 proceedings will be announced shortly. Members are advised to lodge amendments in good time before the beginning of the Stage, and as early as possible during the day.

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