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Thursday 12 October 2000




Death of the First Minister

The Presiding Officer wishes to announce that a special meeting of the Parliament will be convened on Friday 13 October at 2pm to allow tributes to be paid by representatives of the main parties to the Right Honourable Donald Dewar MA LLB MP MSP. This meeting will be open to the public.

Following a request from the Scottish Ministers the Presiding Officer has, under the powers conferred on him by Section 45 of the Scotland Act 1998, designated Jim Wallace QC MSP to exercise the functions of the First Minister. This arrangement will be superseded in due course by the appointment of a new First Minister by Her Majesty The Queen.

The nomination by the Parliament of a Member for appointment as First Minister must be made by 7 November. Members will be advised in due course of the Bureau's proposed date and time for the selection of the nominee.

A Book of Condolence will be open for signature in Committee Chambers, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh from 10am on Thursday 12 October.

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