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Friday 14 July 2000

Section G - Bills, amendments to Bills and proposals for members’ Bills



New amendments to Bills lodged on 7 July 2000

Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Scotland) Bill - Stage 3

Section 1

  Ben Wallace
1 In section 1, page 2, line 17, at end insert <acts under the direction of a person or persons authorised for the conduct or use of a covert human intelligence source and>

  Ben Wallace
2 In section 1, page 2, line 24, at end insert-
  <but a person shall not be regarded as a covert human intelligence source for the purposes of this Act solely by virtue of the person volunteering information (whether on a regular basis or otherwise) without direction from a person or persons authorised for the conduct or the use of a covert human intelligence source and without receiving any payment or other benefit for so doing.>


New Bills introduced or reprinted on 7 July 2000

National Parks (Scotland) Bill-The Bill was reprinted as passed. (SP Bill 12B) (Executive Bill)


Proposals for Members' Bills

Names marked with an asterisk (*) are new names of support. Proposals that have attracted 11 supporters have those supporters' names shown in bold. The member who lodged such a proposal has the right to introduce a Member's Bill to give effect to that proposal under rule 9.14.

Mr Keith Harding: Proposed Dog Fouling Bill-Proposal for a Bill to amend the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 to extend the offence of dog fouling so it applies to any person in charge of a dog who allows it to deposit excrement in any public place or fails to dispose appropriately of that excrement; and to give power to impose a fixed on-the-spot penalty for such an offence to specified persons such as traffic wardens, as well as police constables, without the requirement for a corroborating witness. (lodged 14 June 2000)

Supported by: Mr Jamie McGrigor, David Mundell, Mr Murray Tosh, David McLetchie, Alex Johnstone, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Mary Scanlon, Phil Gallie, John Scott, Nick Johnston, Alex Fergusson, Bill Aitken, Robert Brown, Mr Brian Monteith, Mr David Davidson, Miss Annabel Goldie, Brian Adam*

Bill Aitken: Proposed Special Advisers etc. Bill-Proposal for a Bill to limit the number and remit of special advisers appointed by the Scottish Ministers; and to require the Scottish Ministers, when announcing spending plans, to make clear whether provision has already been made for the funds in question to be paid out of the Scottish Consolidated Fund and whether the plans have been announced on a previous occasion. (lodged 28 June 2000)

Supported by: David Mundell, John Young, Phil Gallie, John Scott, Mr Murray Tosh, David McLetchie, Alex Fergusson, Mrs Lyndsay McIntosh, Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Mr Keith Harding, Mr Brian Monteith

Michael Russell: Proposed Gaelic Language Bill-Proposal for a Bill to establish the principle of equal validity for Gaelic and English in Scotland; to create certain rights and duties in law with regard to the use of Gaelic including a right to Gaelic-medium education; to place a duty on certain specified public bodies to prepare and implement Gaelic policies; to guarantee the right to use Gaelic in courts and tribunals and before other judicial and quasi-judicial bodies and the right to use Gaelic names and descriptions; and to ensure the monitoring and enforcement of these rights and duties. (lodged 6 July 2000)

Note: the member lodging the above proposal has provided the following translation-

Mìcheal Russell: Tairgse airson Bile na Cànain Gàidhlig-Tairgse airson Bile a stèidhicheadh am prionnsabal gu bheil a' Ghàidhlig agus a' Bheurla co-ionnan ann an èifeachd an Albainn, a chruthaicheadh còirichean agus dleasnasan sònraichte ann an lagh a thaobh cleachdadh na Gàidhlig, `nam measg còir do dh' fhoghlam troimh mheadhan na Gàidhlig, dleasnas air buidhnean poblach comharraichte polasaidhean Gàidhlig ullachadh agus thoirt gu buil, còir Gàidhlig a chleachdadh ann an cùirtean-lagha agus mòdan-ceartais agus air beulaibh bhuidhnean eile aig a bheil cumhachdan breithneachaidh agus còir ainmean agus tuairisgeulan Gàidhlig a chleachdadh, agus a dhèanadh cinnteach gum bidh na còirichean agus na dleasnasan seo air an sgrùdadh agus air an toirt gu buil.

Supported by: Mr John Munro, Irene McGugan*, Linda Fabiani*


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