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Thursday 1 June 2000

Section I - Petitions lodged on 31 May 2000



The following Petitions were lodged with the Parliament on 31 May 2000—

PE211 Petition by Mr Andrew Gladstone calling for the Scottish Parliament not to proceed with the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill.

PE212 Petition by District Courts Association calling for the Scottish Parliament to delete all proposals contained within the Bail, Judicial Appointments etc (Scotland) Bill at Chapter 2, which deal with Justices of the Peace.

PE213 Petition by Ms I Silavi calling for the Scottish Parliament to examine the possibility of establishing a post of commissioner for the rights of disabled children.

PE214 Petition by Mrs Anne Dundas on behalf of various patients, friends and relatives of the Scottish Cardiac Transplant Unit calling for the Scottish Parliament to investigate the current recruitment crisis in the Cardiac Transplant Unit at Glasgow Royal Infirmary and establish what action will be taken to re-establish the cardiac transplant service as soon as possible.

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