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Wednesday 29 March 2000

Section G -   Bills, amendments to Bills and proposals for members’ Bills



New amendments to Bills lodged on 28 March 2000

Standards in Scotland’s Schools etc. Bill – Stage 2

Section 2

Nicola Sturgeon


13 In section 2, page 1, line 13, leave out <it shall be the duty of the authority> and insert <or independent school it shall be the duty of the authority or independent school>


Nicola Sturgeon


14 In section 2, page 1, line 14, leave out from second <the> to end of line 16 and insert <enabling children and young people to—

(a) be self-confident and well-motivated;

(b) possess a comprehensive range of fundamental, transferable skills;

(c) be equipped to participate as citizens of a modern democratic society;

(d) have the skills, aptitudes and adaptability required to contribute productively in an advanced economy; and

(e) be enterprising and creative, with a clear regard for the principles of sustainability.>


Section 3

Nicola Sturgeon


15 In section 3, page 1, line 19, leave out <endeavour to>


Nicola Sturgeon


16 In section 3, page 1, line 21, at end insert—

<( ) The Scottish Ministers shall make available to education authorities the resources and funding necessary to enable the authorities to maintain high standards of school education in Scotland.>


Nicola Sturgeon


17 In section 3, page 1, line 22, after <authority> insert <or independent school>


Nicola Sturgeon


18 In section 3, page 1, line 22, leave out <endeavour to>


After section 3

Nicola Sturgeon


19 After section 3, insert—

<Education Convention

The Scottish Ministers shall establish an Education Convention, consisting of representatives of education authorities, independent schools, parents, pupils, teachers and other staff employed in schools, environmental organisations and industry, whose purposes shall be—

(a) to provide a forum for the discussion of education policy in general; and

(b) to issue advice to the Scottish Ministers on the setting of national priorities in education under section 4.>


Section 4

Nicola Sturgeon


20 In section 4, page 2, line 6, after <after> insert <taking the advice of the Education Convention,>


Nicola Sturgeon


21 In section 4, page 2, line 9, after <publish> insert <and lay before the Scottish Parliament for approval by resolution draft>


Nicola Sturgeon


22 In section 4, page 2, line 10, after <Scotland> insert <consistent with the aims set out in section 2 of this Act>


Nicola Sturgeon


23 In section 4, page 2, line 12, leave out <so defined and published> and insert <approved by the Parliament shall be published and>


Section 6

Nicola Sturgeon


24 In section 6, page 3, line 11, after <with> insert <staff including>


Section 10

Nicola Sturgeon


25 In section 10, page 5, line 4, after <Act> insert <or section 66 of the 1980 Act>



Proposals for Members’ Bills

Names marked with an asterisk (*) are new names of support. Proposals that have attracted 11 supporters have those supporters’ names shown in bold. The member who lodged such a proposal has the right to introduce a Member’s Bill to give effect to that proposal under rule 9.14.

Euan Robson: Proposed Civil Marriages Bill—Proposal for a Bill to permit civil marriages to be solemnised at locations other than registration offices; and to authorise local authorities to license locations for that purpose and to charge fees to meet related costs and for connected purposes. (lodged 23 March 2000)

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