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Monday 20 March 2000

Section A – Daily Business List



Meetings of Committees

Equal Opportunities Committee

8th Meeting, 2000

The Committee will meet at 1.00 pm in the Chamber, Assembly Hall, the Mound, Edinburgh

1. Consideration of questions (in private): The Committee will consider questions for witnesses.

2. Item to be taken in private: The Convener will move that item 4 be taken in private.

3. Ethical Standards in Public Life etc. (Scotland) Bill: The Committee will take evidence at Stage 1 on the general principles of the Bill from—

Patrick Rowlink and Ann Stewart of Keep the Clause campaign;

Morag Alexander of the Equal Opportunities Commission;

Tim Hopkins of the Equality Network; Brian Dempsey of Outright Scotland; Strathclyde lesbian, gay and bisexual youth group; Scottish Parents Inquiry.

4. Review of Evidence: The Committee will review evidence.

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