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Friday 11 February 2000

Section I - Petitions lodged on 9 February 2000



The following Petitions were lodged with the Parliament on 10 February 2000—

PE98 Petition by Mr Frank Harvey calling for the Scottish Parliament to raise the issue of closure of sub post offices with the Government and take whatever action necessary to keep rural post offices open.

PE99 Petition Mr James Allingham calling for the Scottish Parliament to hold an independent public inquiry into the adverse environmental effects of sea and freshwater cage farming and the failure to recognise and prevent damage to our Natural Heritage, the Environment and other interests dependent on the integrity of Scottish coastal and fresh waters.

PE100 Petition by The Shettleston Traders Association calling for Scottish Parliament to take action to prevent the Faifley to Baillieston Quality Bus Corridor from proceeding on Shettleston Road and save the local community.


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