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Tuesday 18 January 2000

Section F - Motions and Amendments 



The full text of all outstanding motions and amendments will appear in the Business Bulletin every Monday.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#).


*S1M-431 Mr Gil Paterson: Mike Tyson—That the Parliament notes with grave concern the deplorable action taken by the Home Secretary, Jack Straw, in granting Mike Tyson, a convicted rapist, entry into the UK; recognises the great disrespect that this action shows to victims of rape; calls upon the Home Secretary to reverse his decision and to ensure that in the future financial reasons do not take precedence over ethical and legal reasons when considering the entry of convicted criminals into the UK, and congratulates Justice for Women for their action taken in the High Court to attempt to have this decision overturned.


*S1M-430 Mr Jim Wallace: Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill—That the Parliament endorses the principles of equalising the age of consent for homosexual and heterosexual activity and creating a new criminal offence of breach of trust as set out in the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill considered by the UK Parliament in the 1998-99 parliamentary session and agrees that the UK Parliament should consider any Bill introduced in the same terms in the current session.


*S1M-429 Tommy Sheridan: Capital Receipt Set-Aside Rules—That the Parliament notes the Scottish Executive’s insistence on continuing to apply Tory capital receipt set-aside rules across Scotland’s local authorities; further notes that a Scottish Executive instruction to disregard the capital receipt set-aside rule would release immediately 138.6 million to be spent on local authority housing, and calls upon the Scottish Executive to rescind the capital receipt set-aside rules immediately in order to allow approximately 69,000 council homes in Scotland to be fitted with either double-glazed windows or central heating systems.


*S1M-428 Mr Duncan Hamilton: Centre for Crofting and Farming Training—That the Parliament notes the strong crofting tradition in Sutherland and the recent description of the area as ‘a desert for further and higher education’; notes that Drummuie Farm and Technical School in Golspie would be a potential base for a Centre for Crofting and Farming Training, and calls upon the University of the Highlands and Islands, the community of Golspie and Highland Council to work together to explore this and other options for the area.

Supported by: Alasdair Morgan*

*S1M-427# Mr Duncan Hamilton: National Goose Forum Report—That the Parliament acknowledges the financial burden placed on the people of Islay of supporting approximately 70% of the world’s population of Greenland geese; notes that urgent action is required to alleviate the difficulties faced by the island’s livestock and crofting communities caused by the annual migration, and calls for the early publication of the Final Report by the National Goose Forum.

Supported by: Alasdair Morgan*

S1M-421 Musical Instrument Tuition (lodged on 13 January 2000) Alasdair Morgan*, Shona Robison*

S1M-419 The Glasgow Edinburgh Financial Divide (lodged on 13 January 2000) Alasdair Morgan*

S1M-418 Suicide (lodged on 13 January 2000) Alasdair Morgan*, Shona Robison*

S1M-416# Football Supporters-Shareholders Trust (lodged on 12 January 2000) Alasdair Morgan*

S1M-415 New Entrants to the Scottish League (lodged on 12 January 2000) Alasdair Morgan*

S1M-414# Irvine Elderly Forum (lodged on 12 January 2000) Alasdair Morgan*

S1M-413# Scottish Scallop Industry (lodged on 12 January 2000) David McLetchie*

S1M-412 Nigel Tranter (lodged on 12 January 2000) Nick Johnston*, David McLetchie*

S1M-411# Harewood Park and Meggetland Development (lodged on 12 January 2000) Alasdair Morgan*

S1M-404 Sandra Gregory (lodged on 10 January 2000) David McLetchie*

S1M-401 Third World Debt (lodged on 6 January 2000) Brian Adam*

S1M-400 Compensation for British Former Prisoners of the Japanese (lodged on 5 January 2000) Brian Adam*

S1M-399 Dyslexia (lodged on 5 January 2000) Brian Adam*

S1M-398# BBC 2 Scotland Reception (lodged on 5 January 2000) David McLetchie*

S1M-396 North Lanarkshire Council (lodged on 21 December 1999) David McLetchie*

S1M-393# Boharm School (lodged on 16 December 1999) David McLetchie*

S1M-389 Water and Sewerage Charges and Low Income Households (lodged on 15 December 1999) Brian Adam*

S1M-374 Joint Working with Northern Ireland Assembly (lodged on 9 December 1999) David McLetchie*

S1M-349# A9 Improvements (lodged on 2 December 1999) David McLetchie*


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