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Friday 5 May 2000

Section G - Bills, amendments to Bills and proposals for members’ Bills



New amendments to Bills lodged on 4 May 2000

Standards in Scotland’s Schools etc. Bill – Stage 2

Before section 13

          Mr Jamie Stone

 115   Before section 13, insert—


Co-ordination of assessments

When undertaking an assessment under section 61 of the 1980 Act (which makes provision for the examination and assessment of children and young persons) an education authority shall, unless the parent or guardian of the child or the child aged sixteen or above disagrees—


combine this assessment with consideration of the child’s needs for services under section 22 of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 (promotion of welfare of children in need); and


if it appears to the local authority that the child is disabled or is adversely affected by the disability of a family member, combine this assessment with an assessment under section 23(3) of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 (which makes provision for children affected by disability).>


After section 52

          Malcolm Chisholm

 116    After section 52 insert—

<Equal opportunities

Equality of opportunity

(1) In the exercise of their powers and functions under this Act, the 1980 Act and the 1988 Act—

(a) the Scottish Ministers;

(b) education authorities; and

(c) school boards

shall promote equality of opportunity and have due regard to the need to eliminate unlawful discrimination.


An education authority shall include in any report prepared for the purposes of section 5(5) of this Act an account of measures taken to comply with subsection (1) above and the effectiveness of such measures.


An education authority shall ensure that any report prepared for the purposes of section 6(3) of this Act shall include a report as to the measures taken by the school to comply with the duty in subsection (1) above and the effctiveness of such measures.


In this section—

"equality of opportunity" means the prevention, elimination or regulation of unlawful discrimination; and

"unlawful discrimination" means discrimination contrary to the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, the Race Relations Act 1976 or the Disability Discimination Act 1995.>

Proposals for Members’ Bills

Names marked with an asterisk (*) are new names of support. Proposals that have attracted 11 supporters have those supporters’ names shown in bold. The member who lodged such a proposal has the right to introduce a Member’s Bill to give effect to that proposal under rule 9.14.

Alex Neil: Proposed Bank Arrestment (Scotland) Bill—Proposal for a Bill to provide safeguards for debtors with bank accounts by restricting the extent to which an arrestment attaches to monies in bank accounts; and by providing a new sheriff court procedure, to be known as an arrestment restriction order, whereby a debtor may apply to the sheriff for an order releasing monies from arrestment (lodged 26 April 2000)

Supported by: Tommy Sheridan, Mr John McAllion, Michael Matheson, Ms Margo MacDonald, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Andrew Wilson, Fergus Ewing, Linda Fabiani

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